Tuesday, July 31, 2012

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So my hand was in pretty bad shape. Very swollen, but not as bad as it has been in the past when I got stung. It burns, itches, hurts. There again, not as bad as in the past. I am determined to not let this keep me down. I will not give up because of a stupid sting.

I kept my paw in one of two states all day long - either in a bowl of ice or cast in a baking soda paste. It seems to be working. I also popped Benadryl like a junkie.

Pax is doing great. His swelling is almost all gone, as is the reddish purple-ish color around his eyes. He is playing like normal and having a grand old time.

Sleep is helping. Eating ok, despite the tray of brownies taunting me from the kitchen. Keeping it all in check. Tried doing some stairs, but nearly feel over dizzy and had to stop. Right now, standing upright and keeping up with little bear is a feat.

I will be back in the saddle before the end of this week! I will!

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