Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Page Ten

Yay! Back on track!

Well ladies and germs, tis time to bid adieu to the ghetto wagon. The what? The ghetto wagon is my single jogging stroller. She was one tow up piece of ugly, but she was a great pal. I got her free off the porch of a fellow Highland Mommy. When I brought her home she was covered in rust and toddler filth - two of the most destructive surface agents known to man. Poor, poor thing.

My wonderful man chicken rubbed and scrubbed her down till she shined like not even remotely new, but at least not disgusting! Her fabrics were so faded the color didn't have a name. Every part of her stuck. Nothing on her was easy, but she ran! She ran me around every Stroller Strides class, every go around the gym, every mile around Sloan's lake. I'm gonna miss the old broad, but today she let me know it was time to let go.

Before class I aired up her tire good and high and tossed her in the back of Maybelle (my mom mobile). By the time we drove down 22 neighborhood blocks the tire deflated to beyond flat. I went ahead and forged on with class - and class was a cardio doosey! We ran like muthas! It was wonky as all get out and shout, but I looked at it like a little elevation to the ole sweat level. There were some struggles, some battles, but it was the back pedaling up the hill that did us in. Not only was that back tire flat, but the front tire decided to go off track and weeble wobbled all the way up. Any cop would have pulled me over for suspected DUI. We were all over the place. I tried like a booger to get it stationary... but nope.. not happenin. I think it's her way of asking to go to pasture. OK old girl. You've earned your retirement. Farewell my friend.

As I said, class was a doosey. We did a lot of core, lower body and back stuff. Great sweat balls of fire! My ass was kicked in such a good way. Somehow at some point I kinda did something to my calf. It was not happy all day. Need to really stretch more. Not up for injury.

Food sucked. I'll be honest. No breakfast. Just coffee. I shared lunch with Pax - hot dog, no bun, Annie's organic mac n' cheese, broccoli and raspberries. Dinner was where I really took a nose dive. Fried up some skinless boneless tossed in egg and breadcrumbs, boiled potatoes with butter and salt, and peas. Thrown down with a glass of whole milk. I feel like a jackass. Think I'm gonna take a look at Weight Watchers online.

Something kind of interesting that is happening alongside all this...
You know ya put something out to the universe, it's kind of crazy how it starts to come back to you. I've been wanting to get back in the old creative saddle again and someone started letting the herd out. I've been asked to write a play for the TRiMedia Fest, sing in Raise Your Voice at The Vintage Theatre, music direct at my church, get involved with the restoration of the old Elitch Theatre, perform in a show at Adam's Playhouse and our next run of Scriprov is coming up! Holy poop kittens! Here we go!!!!

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