Thursday, July 5, 2012

Page Four

Just finished my run. Three miles bitches!!! Hell yeah!! The air was thick with smoke and bad ozone, but I did it!!

And I learned a very valuable lesson - tuck it in!
My favorite jog bra is actually a tank. It keeps the abbly dabblies in place, but the bottom keeps riding up when I run. Just after mile one I had an epiphany, "try sticking it into your running skirt, dummy". Well low and freaking behold it worked like a charm! I can run freely now. No more tugging at myself every few feet. Glory be hallelujah!

I did pretty alright on the ole food front. Breakfast was a teeny tiny bowl of cranberry almond cereal with 1% milk. It was teeny tiny because it was the last of the cereal and I didn't feel like mixing flavors. Lunch was a gopicnic meal. The tuna was na-ha-hasty so I substituted humus for it and smeared it on the small handful of whole seed crackers, thoroughly enjoyed the palmful of almond, raisin and peanut trail mix and the yummy 2 x 2 square of dark chocolate. Snack was a banana and tonight's dinner is baked chicken kiev with lemon thyme couscous and a broccoli slaw in lite poppy seed dressing. Water all day except my morning cup o' joe.

You know it's only been a few days, but I am starting to feel powerful. I guess what I'm feeling is more control. Control over myself, my food, my abilities, my life. Ive even started asking for what I want. Sooooooooo not me! But yeah, I'm kind of feeling like I deserve better. I'll always put my family first, but now I'm starting to feel like I should have some equal billing. It's almost like I can say, "hey I want to do this, so I'm gonna do it." It's empowering. It feels strangely good. I think I like it.

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  1. this is something I learned in Weight Watchers (yes I have failed but have picked it up recently again). Have a lettuce salad or veggies for lunch AND dinner. Only 2 TB of lite dressing. You can eat as many veggies as possible (except corn and potatoes) to fill you, get your vitamins and minerals and fiber. Easy on the fruit due to the sugars but good to have 2x a day.
    A great breakfast meal: 1 cup cheerios, 1 lite yogurt and a fruit (apple, strawberries, pears, blueberries). Mix it and YUMMM!
    I need to get you those WW cookbooks to you.
    I know you can do this and you are off to a great start.