Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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Good morning. 'Twas a much better go at it yesterday.

Pax was well on his way to oversleeping, so I broke the cardinal rule and woke him up. I got us dressed, him fed, water bottles filled and out the door. It was rather whirl-windish, but it worked.

At the start of class, a fellow Strider handed out some Arbonne fizzy stuff to put in our water. She said it would give us energy and some other hoo ha. You know, natural organic crunchy hoo ha. Lots of talk about genetic modification and what not. All I know is heard "energy" and said ok. I'm usually skeptical about this kind of stuff, but thought what the hell. I poured it in, shook it up and took a swig. Not bad tasting. Then off we went.

Amanda class. The sweat level was as high as her energy. Some good upper body stuff. Which I do have a slight fear of. I am all for toning the arms, but I am one of those folk that develop muscle rather quickly. In two areas in particular - traps and lats. Now if you're a fella, that's a great place to get some bulk. If you're a chick, not so much. I've noticed in the past that I can easily start to look like Helga from the Russian women's wrestling team in a hurry. It ain't pretty. Gotta remember to keep that in check.

As for the fizzy water stuff, I gotta admit it worked. I wasn't dead at the end of the workout. I felt like I could keep going. Okay! I talked to the Arbonne gal and she sent me home with a whole try it out kit. Pretty cool! I started reading some of the lit. It seems interesting. I even tried another product. It's a little piece of taffy looking stuff that is supposed to curb your appetite. That worked too and was quite yummy. My mind is opening. I need to look a little more into this stuff, but I just may have to purchase and item or two or twelve. We'll see.

The rest of the day was sort of uneventful. Normal nice day with my little guy. I do love a normal nice day with him. Actually, I just love every day with him. Last night he did something I was looking forward to since I knew he was coming. He made up a song and sang it out loud! It was all about a blanket. "My blanket is stripey!! My blanket is soft and fluffy!! My blanket keeps me warm!!" He has good pitch. Proud mommy.

Food was meh. Skipped breakfast. Had coffee. Lunch was left over jambalaya. Snack was that Arbonne shew thing. Dinner was chicken, pasta and mix veg. Water all day with a glass of milk at dinner.

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