Saturday, July 14, 2012

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This morning started with a run. 2 miles around the lake. Not Sloan's, but Rocky Mountain. It's much smaller, so more like running around a track. It was good run. I started strong and finished strong. So strong, I shaved a full minute of my pace! When I started this 13 days ago, I was running well over a 13 minute mile. The other day I was at 12.32. Today I did 11.31!!! Proud? Yep.

I started focusing on my stride. I think that's what has made the difference. I noticed I was doing a lot of up and down. Short steps. More like a trot. Now I'm trying to do a longer step. More of a wide gait, I guess. That sounds wrong. Bigger strides. I don't know if this is right, but it feels better. Except for one thing. I have done something to my calf muscle. It was so tight on my run and pretty painful by the time I got home. Thank goodness for hot baths. If only they were solo and uninterrupted. Mine was first joined by a myriad of little plastic animals and then one little fleshy animal. It still helped. As did the lovely bath salts from Amanda. I stretched and walked it out afterwards. By the end of the day I was feeling much better.

Also went for a nice bike ride with my guys. Nothing too major. Just a fun little neighborhood jaunt. Gonna count it too. I kept my gears at a challenging level. Kept my pace solid. Had a toddler strapped in an ibert seat. Yeah, it's going on the books.

Mealage was more on the yummy side than diet side. Breakfast was boring same old same old; cereal. Lunch was a ham & cheese sammy with a couple of whole grain baked pita chips. Snack was a banana and blueberries. Dinner was a ribeye off the grill with brussel sprouts and grilled potatoes. Water except the wine. Had a couple of glasses already and gonna go sit and have another with my handsome man. Who knows, maybe I'll get some more exercise in!

It's my 25th high school reunion tonight. I'm not there, so I'll celebrate from afar. Cheers to old times!

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