Friday, July 20, 2012

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Shawn and I kind of win the bad parents of the year award. After a sort of late dinner Tuesday night, we let the little bear watch a movie - The Adventures of Winnie The Pooh. It's the one from the 70's. The original Disney Pooh. We somehow didn't remember it being THAT long of a movie. Well it was and needless to say our little P Bear didn't get to bed till late late late. Like after 10:00 late! I know, right!! That little butterfly flap of a mistake caused timing chaos for the whole next day. Hello cause and effect. As a result I completely missed Stroller Strides. I did get to catch up on some crappy TV while he slept. Silver lining!

The day was pretty planned out, so I had to figure a way to get some huffin and puffin in. (insert image of a large stone with a couple of scared little birds in the background) Ok, I needed to get some groceries and I needed to get some exercise. Two birds, one stone. I literally ran to the store! Yay!! It wasn't as long a run as I would have liked, but at least I ran. Uphill there, downhill back. But on the journey homeward, the stroller was loaded with kid and kitchen. Bout a mile and a half total. Like I said, not a big run, but a run none the less.

Food, food, food... ok, breakfast was fat free yogurt and granola, lunch was :o/  hummm... can't remember lunch, dinner was a sort of late, but small plate of spaghetti & meatballs. Water and one glass of milk all day.

Had a fun thing happen to me. I was attending a rehearsal for a show at Adam's Mystery Playhouse. As I walked in the door I saw an old pal. Not someone I expected to see there. I hugged his neck and asked him what he was doing. Turns out he is line producing a film that was holding auditions. He then asked me to audition. Ok. What the heck! I got the script and a small breakdown and jumped on in. It was wonderful! Had a great time creating a whole character in a matter of moments. I felt so alive. Not sure what it is, but one of the most thrilling things for me is to inhabit the skin of a character.

When I got home I told Shawn about the audition. Through an "interesting" conversation I tried to convey why it is I love acting. I know for some it is the product, and that is great! Applause, effecting an audience, response, it's all incredible... but that isn't what does it for me. It truly is the process. I just love discovering parts of me that can make up someone else. I love diving into the being of another soul. Maybe it's escape. Maybe it's discovery. I don't know, but there is nothing like it. Characters. I love characters. Maybe that's why my plays are so dialogue heavy and character driven. I just love characters.

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