Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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When Pax gets frustrated because something isn't going the way he thinks it should or isn't working or is stuck, I always tell him to slow down and try a different way. I find this lesson has helped me as much as it (hopefully) is helping him. If you just take a breath and rethink or re-look at a situation, you can generally figure out a way out. Take yesterday for an example.

The day was going pretty well. I was getting all my hoo ha done (chores) while still being able to play with Pax and make sure he was happy. I even got in a tiny bit of reading time! My Scriprov girls came over at 5:30 to pick a couple of final scripts for the show. It was great, but ran a bit longer than we anticipated. Shawn came home with a list of stuff he wanted to do. So my 6:00 run got pushed out. I was trying to be a champ about it and say, "No, it's ok. I'll just run an extra something sometime..." Yeah, that's not how I was feeling at all. I really wanted to get my run in. Big time. For a couple of reasons 1) I am committed to this goal. 2) I am falling in love with running 3) That is the one time I have completely to myself. No phone. No one talking to me from the other room. It's all mine. I can listen to what I want to listen to. I can think what I want to think. I choose which direction to go. Yes, it is my selfish moment. I look very forward to it. So with that gone for the day I was feeling a bit grumbly.

After I kind of shut a door with a wee bit more force than I think the moment warranted, I stopped. I slowed down and decided to try a different way. (Deep breath in, deep breath out) It worked. I got dinner started. I knew the chicken was going to take about 40 minutes and that gave me time to get my sweat on. I did the tone arm pyramid from last Monday three times in a row and between each set I ran up and down the stairs three times and after the last set I ran five times. It worked. I felt sooooooooooo much better. I got my exercise. I got the guilt monkey off my back. I got a little me time, even if it was just in the breakfast room and on the stairs.

The food battle continues. Breakfast - Honey Nut Cheerios and 1% milk. Lunch - left over four berry salad. Snack - carrot and some chocolate cherry tomatoes from the garden. Dinner - Oven roasted sweet and spicy boneless skinless, butternut squash risotto, mixed of veg; carrots, corn, green beans, asparagus tips. What was bad about today is I didn't eat a proper lunch. I was busy doing stuff and just nibbled here and there on a bowl of fruit and mint in a balsamic brown sugar dressing. Just not the smartest approach to nutrition.

Oh well, time to turn another page.

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