Thursday, July 5, 2012

Page Three

Oh beautiful for spacious skies...

Yep, 4th of July!! (firework firework) It was a great day with my guys. Got up early and walked in a little neighborhood parade/picnic. It was super fun and super adorable. Aaaand... I sort of counted it as my exercise for the day - especially the walk back to the car, uphill almost the entire way. There was some good wagon pulling to add to the walk. The wagon did contain a cooler filled with picnic supplies and a toddler. There was also a large field where a lot of chasing occurred. Plus it was a grillion degrees outside, so my sweat was a continual on.

Afterwards there was a lot of sitting about and a small trip to Target. It was not the most productive day, but I won't count it as a wash. The parade route was significant and we intentionally parked a nice distance from the start of it. Dadgummit! I'm counting it! So there! Nyah!

Food... There again, not the best, but not a total loss either. I didn't go bat shit crazy. Breakfast was some cranberry almond cereal with 1% milk. Lunch was a ham & cheese sandwich with lite mayo on whole grain bread, watermelon and a couple of chips. Snack was a handful of chips. Dinner was a grilled 2% cheese 93/7 burger with some baked beans and a few more chips. (I know... the chips were a lousy choice) I drank mostly water, a little bit of juice and only two lite beers - on a bloody hot 4th of July, only 2 lite beers is a victory! The other victory was not sticking my face into a vat of ice cream. That may have been the biggest challenge of the day! No ice cream. None. Nada. Zero. Zip. I knew there was going to be a hamburger on the grill so I left the creamy cold delicious heathen alone - even as I stared down the face of the Little Man Ice Cream shop. I feel good about that, for ice cream is my vice. She is a terrible temptress and avoiding her siren song is a challenge like no other in my world.

So yeah... that happened. On to day four!

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