Saturday, July 7, 2012

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Gurl, I am one tuckered pup this mornin...

Ok, so yesterday went great. I got in two workouts. The first was a killer Stroller Strides class. It was unusually humid here in colorful Colorado, so I started sweating just getting the stroller out of the car. Still using the double, by the way. Still no air in the tire on the single.

Amanda subs on Fridays. Her energy is. up. there! Stratospheric. She makes us go go go. We did multiple, quick stations each focusing on a different area - upper, lower, core, etc. Fast reps with cardio in between. Solid hour of nonstop workout. We were all worn out by the end. I tried to really push myself. Focused on my form, ran instead of walked to the station locations, didn't quit. It felt good. I even pulled a Mia Hamm - ripped off my shirt and ran around in my jog bra. It wasn't pretty, but I had to get that extra layer off. Ooooey!

Got a couple of extra bonuses for my hard work! One was a lovely layer of goose poop all over my bad self. We do this stuff around Sloan's Lake and there are a grillion Canadian Geese strutting about. Somehow I was lucky enough to land in a pile at every station. Yay me! Second I was picked as one who busted their ass in class and got a lovely bag of smell good type bath salts. Aaaand on top of all that I scored the sweetest, most kick ass pair of Oakley sunglasses!!! Winning!!!

My second workout was some intense carpet action. No, not that kind, you freak! First off, let me just say that trying to clean with a toddler in the house is like trying to brush your teeth while eating oreos. But it had to be done. After I vacuumed, which is a workout all it's own, I got one of those big machines you rent from Home Depot and cleaned my rugs. The monster is big and heavy and trying to maneuver it is a bitch. Well this bitch maneuvered it all the way up the stairs. Sweaty broad part deaux! cardio, upper body, lower body, core - all engaged moving that bugger around, up and down. So yeaah, that counts as workout number two for the day! I'm taking it any way I can! (that's what she said)

Didn't have the greatest day with the ole food hoo ha. Breakfast was a small bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios with 1%. Lunch was random bites of left over broccoli slaw in lite poppy seed dressing while cleaning. Snack was a banana and a couple of carrots out of our garden. Dinner was jambalaya rice with sausage, corn and Tabasco. I watched my portion on dinner. I knew it wasn't exactly a "healthy" meal, so I really kept my plating in check. I read somewhere that spice heat increases your metabolism, which is why I added the Tabasco. I was sweating again, so hope that counts for something. Water all day except two glasses of lemonade.

OK, there's my accountability check for yesterday. On to today. Gonna start with a run!
See ya!!

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