Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Well it looks like I have some added motivation for this here challenge. I got cast in that little film I accidentally auditioned for. How bout them apples? The funny thing? The shoot starts the day after my birthday/goal date! I love synchronicity!!!

Ok, so yesterday - workout was great! Melissa class. Had substantial Anna in the stroller. She is a sweetie! Tons of sweat. Targeted some key areas. All around great! It's interesting to notice the change in myself during the workouts. Like some sort of Olympic advertisement; I'm getting stronger, faster, farther. I'm keeping up with most of the fit girls. It's pretty cool. There are some areas I'm still pretty poky in, but I'm getting there! I'm attaching one of those motivational hoo has. I've never really been into that stuff, but this one spoke to me. So, enjoy...

Later in the day Pax and I met Shawn at his work - The National Renewable Energy Lab. It was a big 35 year celebration. We had a blast! So proud of the work he does. It was cool being with Apple, but this just seems to be bigger than all of us. It's important for the world at large. It's cool that Pax gets to see his daddy working there and gets to grow up thinking science is cool and protecting the planet is a good thing.

On a personal note, today was the first time I felt comfortable being introduced to Shawn's colleagues. I wasn't hiding or making excuses for my appearance. I simply was there with my family. It was a wonderful feeling. I didn't think I was embarrassing my husband. I wasn't looking around seeing who was cuter than me. Who might be flirting with him. I was simply there with my family. Comfortable. Proud. Confident. It was a great feeling. It makes me want to keep up the good work. It makes me want to reach my goal even more. I like this new me I'm becoming. I really do.

Food was not as successful as the rest of the day. Skipped breakfast. Had a cup of coffee and fizzy energy stuff in my water. Lunch was a BLT and salad at Kyle's Kitchen. Dinner was a hamburger and very small amounts of side salad stuff from the NREL picnic. Then... I hate to admit it... I did eat two and a half chocolate chip cookies that Shawn made last night. With a cup of whole milk. Kazoinkers!!! He is an evil tempter, that man o' mine!!!

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