Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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Playing a little catch up here...

Ok, so Monday was a great day for ducks! Major rain storm. So bad, Stroller Strides was cancelled. In it's stead we let the kiddos play on the rocks at REI and had a little nap time at home fitness challenge. It was a pretty cool challenge, a Lean Arm Pyramid with sets of high knees between each completed pyramid. Intense little sweat wagon! I'll attach the pyramid in case anyone wants to try it.

Food. This is really my challenge. No breakfast except coffee. Lunch was a ham and cheese on wheat. Snacks were a couple of Frito's and a carrot. Dinner was an uber late bowl of leftover sausage and dirty rice. Argh.

I did sort of have a second workout. I had a gig that night playing Annie Oakley for an outdoor corporate event. I was dressed in a full length heavy leather skirt, boots and hat carrying a rifle and dancing around for two hours. There was elevated heart rate and perspiration, so I'm counting that!!!

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