Tuesday, July 17, 2012

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Running late! Scurried about like a neurotic squirrel getting everybody ready, gathering up supplies and getting out the door. We made it. Breathe.

Glad I had the double stroller. A new girl to the group has two kids and a single. Her oldest, Anna rode with Pax. She is an adorable and substantially sized four year old, so I really got an extra bump in my workout! It was good. In addition, I kind of set a little challenge for myself. I wanted to do my reps faster than what was being counted, so I could maybe double them. For the most part, success! Push ups, bicep curls, squats - all double what was being asked. The only thing I didn't double was crunches. Oi mutha humpin vey my core is in need. That, ladies and germs, is my weak spot. I'm pretty good with upper body, solid with lower, but the core, oh the core. It kills me every time and it is the one type of exercise I have a tendency to "pause" on.

The workout was a major sweat fest. I had a lake in my bra there was so much boob sweat. Streams of salty body juice were flowing from my shoulders into my shorts. Lovely, truly lovely. In all the glistening glory, Pax and I played on the playground for a good hour and then headed to lunch. I'm sure I looked and smelled quite appetizing to the fellow patrons of Chic-fil-a. The rest of the day was spent playing and tidying the house. Normal nice day.

Food wasn't bad. Skipped breakfast in all the hurry, but had about a half a cup of coffee. Lunch was a chicken strip salad with low fat honey mustard. Snack was a handful of fresh cut vegetables; carrots, celery, radish, yellow peppers, orange peppers, cherry tomatoes, zucchini. Dinner I pan seared some skinless boneless in a balsamic rosemary marinade, made some basmati brown and wild rice and green beans tossed in a little butter and lemon pepper. Yummy. Pretty healthy.

After dinner the guys wanted some ice cream. Shawn had brought home a gallon of Blue Bell Rocky Road. Argh! I scooped out a big bowl for the boys to share and put one scoop in a tiny bowl for me. When all was said and done and Pax had been bathed and put to bed, I started feeling super guilty about the ice cream. I expressed that to my man to which he replied, "I was kind of proud of you for only having one scoop in that little bowl". Pleasant little smile. That made me feel much better. He sure does know how to be the cherry on the ice cream sundae of life. Love him!

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