Friday, July 27, 2012

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Yesterday's workout had a different face. Started with a one minute plank in the morning. I actually did a full minute, not just really fast counting to 60 like I wanted to do. Not easy! Shook almost the whole time, but it was good. My day was insane!!! Very tight timeline, so I took exercise any way I could - parked far away from things, so I jogged the parking lot. Carried things instead of using a cart. When I took toys upstairs I ran them three times instead of just walking them once. Calf raises at the counter. That sort of thing.

My big workout came during date night. Shawn and I went to see Tenacious D at Red Rocks. If you don't know Red Rocks, it is a way cool outdoor amphitheatre built into monoliths at a 6,450 ft elevation. There are 193 steps and about 70 rows. It is steep!! We parked in one of the back parking lots, so our trek started with a major incline. After the ramps came the steps, and they are not easy steps. After finding our seats came finding the bathroom - more steps up and then down and then back up again to go back down to my seat. Now mind you, this was all done in three inch wedge heels!!! I did not take my time. I did not stop. I knew it was going to be my big push for the day and so I pushed. It wasn't a sweat fest, but my heart raced and this morning my ass and thighs are sore!!! Big time sore! I'm counting it! And I'm counting it double due to the cute shoe factor. So there!

The show was ridiculous fun!! Shawn and I had a blast. We held hands, we laughed, we pumped our fists in the air. So damned much fun! Great show. Great date. Great night.

Hello food section. I never look forward to typing you. OK, breakfast was a medium bowl of honey nut cheerios in some whole milk. I'm out of 1%. Lunch was a southwest chicken salad. Snack was a lemon zest Luna bar. Dinner was a late night slice of pizza and half a chocolate chip cookie. Coffee, water, Arbonne fizzy water stuff, 2 lite beers and a Mike's Hard Lemonade were consumed.

Should be a better day for the goal today. My Olympic fever is pitched!!! Hooray for Opening Ceremonies!!!

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