Saturday, July 28, 2012

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Wow! What a class!! Yesterday's SS class was intense! We did a countdown from 100 sort of thing. OK, lemme 'splain. We started off with a 1 minute run then stopped to do 100 jumping jacks, after that it went something like this; 1 minute run, stop, 90 crunches, 1 minute run, stop, 80 squats, 1 minute run, 70 leg lifts, 1 minute run, yada yada yada. It was non stop, hit it hard, no rest sweat factory. Our last stop before the stretch and ab under the tree, let your kids out and take a breath way we end every class, was an upper body monster workout. We hit some areas that not only rarely get hit, but desperately need to get hit. It was killer!! I ran my victory hill instead of walked. That always feels good. My calves keep taking a beating, so I asked for those stretches. Thank you Amanda. Abs were good and made harder by a two year old climbing all over me. Thank you Pax. After getting my breath back, it was taken away again by the most beautiful baby girl. Thank you Cali.

After class was playground time. Always fun. Then the day just sort of progressed - lunch, rehearsal, attempt at running errands, meltdown in a store, back home. It was a day.

I'm looking back on this week and while there were some really great moments, I feel rather disappointed in myself. It was almost like I hit a goal the week before and let that go to my head. I let myself get complacent. I allowed the excuse monster to keep me from a couple of workouts. I ate a few cookies. Not cool. Not cool at all. I let myself down. Need to figure this out and get re-motivated.

Last night was the opening ceremonies for the Olympics. I loved them. I loved a lot of Danny Boyl's metaphors and imagery. Some of it was lost on folk. Ok. One of my favorite things was his forging of the rings and how they came together. As they were floating above the stadium they burned and glowed, but they were not glamorous or shiny. They were raw. They looked like hard work. They looked like a lot of sweat and intensity went into them. They looked hand made, not manufactured. They looked almost tired, yet proud. To me they represented the athletes better than any rings in ceremonies past. Olympians are hand made. They are forged. A lot of sweat and intensity and years of  hard work make them. They are raw and as they cross their finish lines they all look tired, yet proud. For most of them, the journey is their gold. They won't have it hung around their neck, but they will have it strapped around their heart and minds for a lifetime. I need to look for my gold in this journey. I need to remember that it is not glamorous and shiny. This transformation is being forged with sweat and intensity. This doesn't end when I cross the finish line of my date or my goal, it will continue. It has to. I can be an athlete... hum... I've never said that about myself. I can be an athlete. Those words are heavy. They carry a lot of weight for me. It's something I always wanted but never thought I could be. I can be an athlete. Maybe this is the shift in the force that I need. Look at this differently. Yes I'm reaching for a finish line, but maybe there is more to this. Maybe my goal isn't a dress size. Maybe my goal is realizing a secret dream. Hummm....

Ok, well, off to run...

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