Thursday, July 11, 2013

All thanks to the lovely K

The "marimba" from my iphone at 5:30 was just way too damned early. Hit snooze.
The "marimba" from my iphone at 5:39 was still to damned early. Clumsily I reached over and sent a very Tonto like text to the lovely K. "May take day off. Rough night sleep. You?" Her response was "getting dressed. see you at the park"
Well that did it. Ok. Deep sigh.

My body creaked and complained as I scrambled out of the sheets and blankets. The whole way downstairs I looked like Quasi Motto. "Water". I splashed some on my face. Nope. Not there yet. I splashed more on my face. Getting there. I found my clothes. I put them on. I found my shoes. Damn hole. I mean to duct tape a couple of cotton balls in there last night. Oh well. On they go, hole and all. Hat. Where's my hat? I can't find my hat! What the hell? I just had it last night. Where is my freaking hat? Drink some water. Drink too much water. Still no hat. Find a replacement, put it on, grabbed the phone and out the door. Sunlight. Now that will wake you up.

Earbuds in, tunes on, feet moving. I was doing this. All thanks to the lovely K for not letting me off the hook. Big, sincere thanks. I would have kicked my own ass later if I missed this run.

It took a minute or five for my pace to kick in. I think someone turned up the gravity. My feet kept hanging on to the pavement. As I passed the newly discovered swallow nests, all I saw this morning was the giant line of poop crossing the sidewalks and street. The grass in the park seemed wetter than usual. the mud seemed more slippery. Just nothing was rainbows and unicorns yet. Just keep swimming.

I got to the lovely K and had to fix my shoe. I fixed my shoe. Just her bright smile started heading things in a better direction. Well good morning. The workout was good. The conversation was great. The stretching after was brilliant. I needed that. All of that. My body feels better. My spirit is lifted. My energy is up. It's going to be a good day. All thanks to the lovely K.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So that happened...

Oh universe, why must you challenge me so! Of course I went to bed a little late last night. Of course I slept completely wrong and woke up with the crankiest crick in my neck. Of course my little P bear crawled in bed with us sometime in the wee hours and didn't want to let go of mommy as my snooze alarm went off. Of course.

But I mustered up the gumption anyway.

I sneakily and creakily rolled out of the bed, went downstairs and started getting dressed. I took a few extra minutes to stretch as much of my neck/shoulder as possible. I got it to a tolerable point. I put on my shoes. Not new ones yet. Looks like I'll be wearing more of that hole on my foot. I grabbed my iphone and off we went.

Thank you Beastie Boys. Body Movin actually got my body movin. It was just what I needed. My spirits started lifting, as did my pace. The sun was lovely today. Actually everything kind of was. At least it was way more lovely than I anticipated anything was going to be.

The workout was good. Happy to be 5K training again. Just wish I weren't having to do it. Wish I were in the thick of running and could keep up with a couple of pals that have been doing full on 6 mile runs in the morning. But I'm up and out and heading in the right direction. One foot in front of the other.

For some reason, as challenging as it was to get started this morning it wound up being incredibly fulfilling. I felt like I was working a little more, sweating a little more. The faces I passed were a little friendlier. And then it was over. Like that. Poof. It went so fast this morning. Not in a bad way, but in a really good way. As I was leaving the park I looked up and saw something really groovy. There is an overpass I have to go under to get back home and the past few days I have noticed little swallows swooping around this overpass. So this morning when I looked up, I saw hundreds and hundreds of swallow nests all tucked in to the girders. There were swallows everywhere! It was crazy cool! I felt like I was in Capistrano or something. I didn't even know we had swallows in this neck of the woods. Awesome awesome discovery.

However, on my run I did have a little "incident" shall we call it. I learned a while back to always make eye contact with the people you pass in case they are creeps. I want them to know I see them. There have been some odd people running a muck in my neighborhood. One in particular is quite fond of his own manhood and a sparkly thong. So I look at everyone. I scan them, then look in their eyes and smile. Well there was a guy running toward me in what looked like tights. It puzzled me, so I watched him grow larger in my vision as he approached. I was curious about the tights. It just looked odd. As he got closer, the oddness was confirmed. But they weren't tights. They were like biking capris or something. They seemed to have some "extra padding" around what would be deemed as his vulnerables. It sort of resembled a cod piece. It was like a train wreck. I couldn't take my eyes off it. What the french was going on down there. And then it happened. He caught me. He totally caught me checking out his package. I felt his stare and then my eyes met his and this time I was not the one smiling, he was. Oy veh.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Goals and gear

A few weeks ago I scored two tickets to the Run Like a Mother Event in Denver. My first date was hired to photograph the event. My second date's son had T-ball. So my third date and I put on some skirts and headed to the affair! It was awesome! Super groovy chicas. Super groovy swag! Super groovy energy and info and all sorts of hoo ha. Lerfed it I did.

As we walked up and checked in we were given the proverbial name tag sticker thingies. We were asked to not only write our name, but what our running goal was for the year. Ok. It took me a moment to know what that was. I hadn't thought of it. I didn't have the big goal I set for myself last year. I hadn't really set any goal for myself this year. Then... I heard a little voice in the back of my mind. Not my voice. Hummm... it was a little blue fishy voice sing songy saying "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming." And there it was.. my goal. My goal is to not quit. My goal is to keep running. Through the heat. Through the fall. Through the winter and just keep going. I don't want to be back where I am right now - at this starting over place. I want to be in the "holy crap! I can't believe I just did that place". I want to look back at today and say, "wow. Look how far I've come! I just ran ___ miles in ___ time!" or "I just signed up for ___ race and I'm gonna do it!" That's where I want to be this time next year. I don't want to apologize for where I am but celebrate where I've gone. Just. keep. swimming.

So of course nothing was going to keep me from my new love - the 6:00 AM run today. Not the wake up call at 3:00 that had me in the bathroom in a cold sweat. Not even the repeat of said bathroom event that occurred at 5:30. No playdough poop factory was gonna bring me down! No sir! I had new socks in my swag bag and a new (and quite sassy in it's purple leopard print glory) running bra to try out. Not to mention my awesome new BAMR hat!! I was doing this! 

I washed the cold sweat off my face and started getting into my run gear. The socks felt goooood. I squeezed into the bra realizing I should have grabbed the other size I was debating between. In this one I feel like a corseted maiden at the Ren Fair. High and tight, girls. High and tight! Shirt, running skirt, hat and shoes. Oh the shoes. Poor, poor shoes. They've seen better days. But it's good. It's a sign they have been used and loved. They are the shoes that helped me fall in love with running last year. They carried me across my first finish line and got me sort of close to my goal. I was hoping they would get me through the summer, but the hole I've worn on the inside of the shoe is now wearing a hole on the outside of my foot. I think it's time to go to pasture. How bout one more run, eh?

On they went and out the door I headed. Unlike my solo run yesterday, I met up with the lovely K and we jaunted around Berkeley lake. I adore her. It was a great workout and great conversation and we both felt a grillion times better by the end of it all. 

A little stretch on the playground and back home to make coffee. The silence in this room is a beautiful thing. However, it is time to ruffle the man chicken's feathers and wake him up for work. My day has once again started off on the right foot. Yay. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Big Discovery!

After a few weeks of experimenting and unexpected fun type hoo ha, I believe I may have discovered my thing. My path. My way. My groove.

It's called the 6:00 AM run. Out of bed at 5:45, in my shoes and on the pavement at 6:00.

It's kinda perfect! Actually! I've gone out, by myself, got in a good sweat, come home made the coffee and had a quiet sit for 10 minutes - all before there was even a rustle upstairs - much less a full blown "Mommy!' or "Hon, where's my shirt?"

This. Is. Spectacular. Why haven't I done this before? The sun is fresh up from it's slumber, so the heat hasn't consumed the day yet. It's pretty that time of morning. It's quiet. And it's 100% pure me time. Wow. I think I'm in love. I think I may have found "The one". The rest of my day is never on my agenda, it's always at the mercy of others. So screw that. This morning I carved out my own chunk of clock and said "this is mine". And it was glorious. And yes, this will occur again tomorrow. And the day after. And the day after that. And so on and so forth.

So I hereby decree - I own 6:00 AM!! I am the reigning queen of the six o'clock! All are banished from said time. You may awake only after the hour of six. Not before. Not during. But after. And you will be grateful, for mommy has started her day on the right foot and all shall be well. Hear ye! Hear ye! Hosah!

Now to wake the men folk and resign myself to their beck and call. Until tomorrow!! Until tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Playing catch up

So Friday was a bust, but fun! P and I spent the day at the pool. During our stay, my man proposed a last minute date night. Woohoo!! I was game! In a frenzy I secured a babysitter (no easy task for a last minute Friday night!!) got us out of the pool, back home, fed, house cleaned, me cleaned and looking cute and out the door. I met my man at the movie theatre it was a night for Man of Steel!!! Needless to say, a workout was not squeezed in anywhere. Dinner was a Go Picnic and some popcorn. Yes, we did share a coke. Sue me.

Saturday was an activity type workout. Hooray!!! My guys and I loaded up on the bikes and headed down to the Highlands Street Fair. We live on 48 and the fair was on a 32. We wove around some blocks on the way there and enjoyed the ups and downs of it all. The P Bear was in the iBert seat on my bike, so I got the extra 30-ish pounds. It was great!! When we got to the fair, we walked up and down the streets in the heat. Chatted with a few people about schools and what nots. Then we strolled into Sweet Cow and nommed on some seriously good ice cream!!! Holy poop that stuff is good!!!! I had one scoop of salted caramel on a cone. I could have consumed a mountain of that yummy! Afterwards we headed back to the bikes. We loaded back up and and rode a couple of blocks to where a groovy 80;s band was playing. Jamming out happened for a few songs.  The P was boppin and diggin the tunage. A not so great rendition of a New Bohemian song began and we headed back to our abode. We took several fun detours - one was around a local elementary school. It looks like Hogwarts. It's awesome. Two were around the lakes that bookend our neighborhood. We had a great time. We all felt great. It was quite simply greatness. Other than the amazing ice cream, food is sort of a blur. I think there were some chicken apple sausage and eggs consumed before the jaunt. Dinner obviously wasn't anything to write home about. :o/

Sunday was another activity day. Father's Day. Being the great wife that I am, I made no plans. P and I signed cards and gave my man his home made gift. Then we sat around for a little while saying, "Well... what do you want to do?" We decided on a hike! Horray!! Despite the thick gray sky, we tredged forward. We loaded up snacks and some extra bottom apparel for the P - just in case. Kid carrier backpack and several water bottles later, we were in the car and driving through the rain to our mountain destination. A hiking we will go! We got to the new state park and the rain was letting up, sort of. We jumped back into the car when we realized it was cold and we didn't bring any sort of long sleeved shirt for the P. Yeah, I'm an awesome mom too. Off to a nearby town. A little store was found a hoodie and a plastic frog were purchased and back to the trail we went. Of course the sun came out and warmed everything up, so the hoodie was put into a backpack. P was loaded into the backpack kid carrier and hoisted on my shoulders. We were off and hiking - finally! About a mile into the hike we stumbled upon a Park Ranger and some kids with a bucket of minnows and a magnifying glass at the edge of a great pond. We stopped and enjoyed ourselves immensely until thunder roared through the trees. The gray clouds reappeared quick! That happens in the mountains. p was back in the carrier and on my shoulders in no time. I'll be honest, I have a major fear of being struck by lightening. I have no idea where it comes from, but it scares the poop kittens out of me!!! I got a little bugged out when the storm came up on us. I may have even panicked and over reacted just a wee bit. My idea was to head to the car in the quickest manner possible. My man's idea was to take the long way around. What?!? Are you kidding me? Do you hear that thunder? Oh and in my awesome momness, I also didn't bring any proper rain gear for the little guy. Yeah, I'm that good. There was a rain jacket in my size in the backback. I told my man to put it on the P and I would just get rained on. He needed it way more than I did. We wrapped him up and headed out. Yes, we did start going the long way around, but I was all a twitter, so my man said to go ahead and turn around to go back the way we came. I high tailed it. I was running like a crazy person with a three year old and a carrier on me. Of course with the rain came hail. Why not make this even more fun, universe? After about a quarter of a mile, the thunder subsided and so did I. I calmed down and actually started to enjoy the rain. It became fun. An actual adventure. I felt bad that I freaked out and subsequently caused my little guy to freak out, but we all breathed it in and wound up having a good time. We got to the car, got P out of his wet clothes, (the rain jacket didn't really help much) my man gave me an extra shirt he had brought and we had a bit of a car picnic. Odwalla bars were the main fare with lots of snacks to go around. Oh the glory of apples!! There was a bit of a hiccup. After getting P all nice and dry and into the "in case" pants I brought him, he had a bit of an accident. In the front seat of my man's car. Oops! I guess all the hoo ha made him a little out of sorts. We cleaned everything up and dried him off again. One problem - the only remaining dry clothes we had for him was the hoodie from the run into town trip from earlier. Free Pantless was in the house! On that note, we loaded back into the car and headed off to more adventures.

One of my most favorite things to do with my family is to get lost - take a spontaneous adventure. Sometimes we'll be driving along and we'll see a road or a sign for a state park we don't know or something like that and we'll just go for it. We've wound up in some of the most amazing places! This time we saw a sign for Reynolds State Park and off we went. It was fantastic!! We found some cool camping grounds and some amazing hiking trails!!! We got out of the car and Free Pantless and all went for one of the most pleasant jaunts I've ever had. It was so beautiful!!! the trail was devoid of people, but incredibly maintained. The area was breathtaking with views that almost made you cry. All we could hear were birds, tons of birds and wind breezing about in the trees. At one point we stumbled on a tiny little fawn in the thicket. After watching her for a spell, my man and I got a little gut feeling. Where there is prey... there probably is a predator. Seeing as we were completely not prepared for the jaunt, we made the decision to head back down. It was good. We had a wonderful time. Just always better to be safe than sorry. We drank in as much of the hike as we could draw out of it. Tons of pictures. Tons of little stops to listen or look or both. Loads of smiles. The H dog got to enjoy it too. We found this lovely meadow and dropped the leash. It's been a while since he got to run like that. It was a beautiful thing to see.

In the car again and headed home, two of the four passengers conked out and snoozed the whole way. The other two smiled and talked. It was a great day. It was a wonderful discovery. It was a fantastic weekend.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Day Five - It was a good day

Thursday. Only two things on the agenda - remarkably! One, sign the P Bear up for swim lessons at 5:30 (don't get me started on that) and 2) get in a run.

The run was planned for early, like around 9:30 AM. I was psyched! I love getting it done early. Then I feel like I have the whole day to take on the world. Text came. The dear K had something pop up and can't do early. Waa waa. Ok. Readjust. It's cool. With three kids and a husband and two dogs and a house and a couple of cats, I get why things go off schedule for her. She has a truck load on her plate! Her agenda is very rarely her own. No matter how well planned a day is, when preschoolers are involved the schedule will run off the rails at some point. It is just a fact.

Speaking of running off the rails, I'm gonna go a little off topic. Since my little one was born I have wanted, desperately wanted to give him a sibling. It's one of those things that has plagued me. I have constantly felt guilty that my body and my age have deprived him of one of the greatest gifts in the world - a brother or a sister to walk through life with. The past few days, however, I've been looking at a different side of things. Instead of looking at what he is missing, I started trying to look at what he is gaining. Right now we are a happy little family. I'm sure we'd be a happy bigger family if the universe had opened that up for us, but as we are we are happy. There are some benefits to this.

The first thing I started focusing on is what we are able to do together. Our budget fits very snugly around us. It's tight. We're within it, but there isn't much wiggle room. Within that budget we allot for things like a good school for Pax and one extra activity/class a month (like swim lessons or soccer or what have you). We get Kiwi Crates and have zoo passes and museum passes and all that fun stuff. We take a weekly adventure somewhere like Sunflower Farm or Lakeside Amusement Park. If we had to budget for another  ticket or admission, most of that would be cut in half or completely out. One of the things we want to do is take P Bear to the San Diego Zoo in the next couple of years. It's crazy expensive! It'd be super tough to do it with a family of four or more.

Beyond the money stuff (because there is always money stuff and life is so much more than money stuff) there are intangibles - relationship and time. I think the biggest thing I'm noticing about my life with my son and some of the lives my friends have with their kids is how connected I am afforded to be with P Bear. We have incredible one on one time. We are face to face a lot. If he has a need, I am able to be right there - most of the time. We talk. We share. We laugh. We discover. We snuggle a lot. I get to hold him a lot. I know my friends get to do that with their kids too, but I think it might be a little different. My friends are very much "the mom". I'm the mom, but I'm also the buddy. We just do everything together. We went to a pool party last weekend, and we had so much fun together we completely forgot anyone else was there. Maybe that's not a good thing. Maybe it is. All I know is that for now I get to have that (and perhaps that is selfish) and I am holding on to it for as long as I possibly can. I am going to put this in the pro column. This is a plus in my book.

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled program...
P and I played an got some stuff done for the morning. Right before lunch I went out on the side porch and did my sets of 20's. Those damned burpees! I get up to 10 and I start to fade, by the time I get to 16 I think I'm going to die. I barely and quite sloppily make it to 20. I have no idea how the hell I'm supposed to do 40 of those muthahumpers next week. I'm either gonna kill myself or someone else. (insert a long list of expletives right here) I finished the 20's and put some lunch on the table. We ran a few errands and I got to the freakin pool sign up in time. (more expletives here please)

On my way home from the pool, I chatted with the dear K and we talked about going for our run. Got home, got things settled. My man still wasn't home and I was afraid I was going to have to cancel the run. In the door he walked. He told me he wanted to mow the lawn!! Hosah!! I knew at that moment the run was on!!! The dear K and I texted each other at about the same time, She was on the verge of calling it off and I was calling it on. We went with on! I grabbed my shoes and water bottle and tiny human, loaded everything/one in the Bob and said "see ya in a few, honey!" We were off! I had a flat. Screw it! I'm going! At a good pace I walked from M Street to S Street. I texted the dear K and thought we would meet there. I waited a few minutes.. humm... ok, I'll go up from 48 to 49 streets. Uphill, it's a good workout. I waited a few minutes... humm.. ok, I'll go up from 49 to 50. More uphill. It's all good. I waited a few minutes... humm.. I thought about it and figured we must have missed each other and I decided to go to the spot we had originally talked about meeting. I turned and ran from S to T and then from 50 to 46. There she was. Hooray!!! We started the C25K ap and had a great workout! Lots of sweat, water and conversation. It was grand. On our way home I chose to walk with her more toward her house. This way I could conquer another big hill. We said farewell and see you tomorrow at the top of 49 & S and then I was off to 48 and M. P fell asleep somewhere along the workout way and I did the final stretch at a good walking clip. I felt fantastic!

When I got home, I put the P to bed and my man and I spent the evening in the kitchen cooking together, talking and laughing. It was wonderful. We made some boneless skinless chicken with grape tomatoes, tarragon, scallions and white wine over a tri-color penne with a side of green beans. It was beautiful and delicious. Thursday was a good day.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day Four - Hilly Hill Hill!

Well howdy do! New day. Hooray!
The temps are still high, but so are my spirits. Captain Cranky McCrankypants decided to go back to whence she came. So long beyatch!

I had a plan to do a fitness pyramid with the dear K. She arrived with all kidlets in tow and after some procrastination type conversation, we put our plan and asses in motion. Out on the side porch we went. First we started a 5 weeks to 100 challenge. Basically we are doing 20 jumping jacks, burpees, squats, pushups and situps for five days. Then we'll do 40 of those exercises for 5 days, then 60, then 80 and then 100. The burpees nearly killed us!!!! After that we did this crazy workout pyramid:

50 crunches
15 pushups
1 minute plank
30 second side plank
1 minute bridge
15 pushups
1 minute plank
30 second other side plank
50 crunches
1 minute raised plank
2 minute bridge
50 crunches

Several minutes of cussing, drinking water, high fiving and trying to breathe.

For our cardio, we loaded all the tiny humans into a couple of Bobs and hit the sidewalks. Instead of running we chose hiking up and down hills. At the bottom of our neighborhood are some pretty steep inclines. We wove up and down the streets starting at letter M and ending at letter S. It was wonderfully challenging! Schweet schweet schweat! Ok, so there were a handful of "Oh my look at that garden! I need to take a picture!" stops, but we high tailed it most of the way.

We got to the dear K's home and took a small break. Of course we said it was so the kids could play, but really it was so we could catch our breath and enjoy the company for just a moment longer. After a few, I left her to make lunch for her littles and the P and I headed back home. I ran most of the way. It was hot hot hot, so some walking was required.

The rest of the day went well. Watched a little boy from 3-6. Had a Scriptprov meeting from 6-7.
I ate relatively well, ok it was more of a mehlatively well. Skipped breakfast, had the salad for lunch. Had a whole grain Fig Newton for snack. Had another whole grain Fig Newton for a second snack. Since my man was helping a pal that night, I made a kid dinner. Homemade chicken nuggets, macaroni & cheese and broccoli. After P was in bed and my man was home, he and I shared a small bowl of low fat ice cream. Lots of water and one lemonade and of course my morning coffee.

With the exception of all the wildfires, it was a pretty good day. Hope tomorrow is even better

Day three - the day of ugh

Of course the week I decide to get back on track is the same week we are setting record high temperatures in Denver. Of course. Of course the week I decide to get back on track is the week I get a ton of requests for drop in child care. Of course. So Tuesday be damned.

We had it set for a 6:00 PM run. Awesome. And by "we" I mean the dear K, the wonderful J and myself, all with kidlets in tow. It was going to be a Bob revolution for sure! (That's a mommy joke) Three grown ups and six tiny humans. I was gearing up for it. I was excited about it. I was looking forward to it. To be honest, I freaking needed it.

Here's a little something. I'm lucky. I mean really lucky. I have a husband that works hard so I can stay home with P Bear. We have a family that helps support that choice. We make sacrifices and work hard - no cable TV, we make our own bread, take camping trips instead of vacations, wait for movies to come out on DVD, we drive used cars, I watch kids in the neighborhood and take odd jobs here and there - you know, the usual stuff. My days are generally filled with wonder and happiness and tons of laughter. My little guy is a remarkably good kid. Please don't ask me how "I" do it. I don't think I have much to do with it. He's just naturally a really, really good kid. There are very few timeouts and consequences over here, not because I spoil him, but because he spoils me. I truly get to enjoy raising my son.

So why Tuesday had a big stank on it, I have no idea. I guess we all have bad days. I was cranky. P was cranky. Nothing seemed to work. I had more "dealings" with Comcast. Things kept falling. I kept dropping everything I picked up. It was a ball of frustration wrapped up in a big bow of WTF. It was one of those day when all you want to do is yell "AAAAaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!" at the top of your lungs. And at one point I did. Now ask me how horrible I felt afterwards. I don't yell. Not in my house. I don't yell. But Tuesday I yelled. It wasn't pretty and I'm not proud. It was just the one "aarrgghh!" but still, I felt like a genuine lump of dung. So yeah, I needed a run. Big time.

Mid morning we got a text from the dear K saying she was not going to be able to do the run. Ok, the wonderful J and I were gonna go for it. I was watching a little neighborhood boy who's folks were picking him up at 6:00, so perfect timing for the 6:00 run! The wonderful J send me a text that she is running errands and would be over for the run. I'm feeling so much better now. Just before 6:00 I get a "screw this heat" text. The wonderful J was bailing. Understandably though. Her auto broke down and she lost the air conditioning and she was downtown with two kids in 99* weather. I so get it. Ok, I'll go  after my man gets home and just do a solo. I'm cool with that.

Just after the little boy's parents pick him up, my neighbor comes over and says he'll cook the main dish for dinner if we cook the sides. Ok. I'm always up for free meat. Especially since his meat was of the steak variety. My man got home and we started cooking the sides. It's about 7:00 now. The sides are going, I put on my shoes and say "honey I'm going for a run". Eeeerrrk! (that's the sound of slamming on the breaks) "Hey, can you wait till after dinner? I'm reading to P and I thought you could finish cooking the potatoes". Sigh. Ok. Shoes off.

Dinner was delicious. I had fillet mignon. Thank you. I also had a BIG glass of wine. A bigger thank you. By the time we finished cooking, eating and chatting it was already 9:something. Bye bye run. Hello clean the kitchen. The day was shot. No exercise, except in frustration.

The day in food was ok, but not great. I had the toast with peanut butter for breakfast. I had the salad for lunch. I also had a couple of bites of P Bear's tortilla smothered in Nutella snack. I had the fillet with garlic mashed potatoes and corn, the big glass of wine and one small scoop of low fat ice cream.

Off to bed and dreams of a better day four...

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hello Day 2

Well you thought you were a tricky one didn't you? You thought you were gonna consume me into not doing a workout of some sort. Well screw you Monday! It may not have been the greatest workout known to man, but I did it. I freakin did it. So there.

I had a loooong list of the "to do's" yesterday. Most of which surrounded bills and budgets and all those unpleasantries. If there is anything more demotivating than paying bills, I can not for the life of me figure out what it is. That is one wind taker out of the sails kind of activity. The endless websites and phone calls and passwords that you can't remember because you have so damned many passwords that are so damned similar. It is mind numbing. It is energy sucking. It is a nasty little amoeba that just leeches out every ounce of your soul. And so that was the excuse mountain I had to climb today.

Yes, I had set a little Sworkit session with the dear K. No, I did not manage to keep said appointment. It's ok. She wanted to do a kickboxing class that would not fit in my schedule and I had to face the customer service counter for Comcast. After several hours, way too much math and an unending line at Comcast I finally revelled in the moment of "fait au compli!" It was time for me!

P Bear fell asleep on the drive home - perfect! I got him out of the car and into the bed without trouble. I knew I had enough time to squeeze in a workout. I ran downstairs, filled my water bottle and turned on the Sworkit Ap! I like exercising outside, so I went out on the back deck. Remind me next time to grab a yoga mat. My knees! Oh my knees!! I toughed it out and went for it. Splinters and all!

This was my first time using the ap, so I knew it was going to be an adventure. I chose a 30 minute total body set. When you hit start, this thing means START! It's fast! 30 second sets of all kinds of craziness!  And it keeps you moving. Up one exercise, down the next. Do squats, now do crunches, now do jumping jacks, now do a plank. Intense! Some of the exercises had odd names and I had no idea what they were talking about, so I had to push pause several times to look at the video. Thank goodness for the little videos! However, with all the checking it slowed my pace and took longer than 30 minutes. That's ok. Learning curve. Speaking of learning curve, I did learn several things...

1) So make sure I grab that damn yoga mat next time.
2) Neighbors are gonna watch, make sure the girls are high and tight.
3) have the water bottle actually outside with you when you start the workout - duh!
4) I now know what the hell an inch worm is.
5) All floor level exercises take on a whole new level of intensity and hilarity with a doggy licking your face every time you get down.

It wound up being a nice little sweat fest. Not sure how much the 98* temp and 12% humidity plaid in that, but I felt good and worked by the end. Nice. Now I want to explore other aps and challenges. This could be fun after all!! I probably won't get into all the DVD's and such, since I like working outside. I'd rather have something that tells me what to do and I don't have to sit there staring at some tight bodied bitch trying to follow her every move. Just yell in my ear, that's what I want. I think I need a pocket Drill Sargent. Anyone have one of those I could borrow?

Food is going well!! Hooray! Finally!! I'm gong the "set in stone" route. For breakfast I am having a cup of coffee (sorry that is non negotiable) and a piece of toasted homemade bread with peanut butter. Lunch is a mixed green salad with smoked chicken (we smoked a whole chicken on Sunday - it's awesome!) dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, croutons and a white balsamic vinaigrette. Dinner is where I get to change it up and have what everyone else is having. Last night I made a mustard and caraway seed skinless boneless chicken breast with roasted potatoes and mixed veg. Hell yes, I had a glass of pinot grigio. The rest of the day I drank water, water, water. I feel good. I feel on track.

So, now let's see what Day 3 brings.. :o)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Goal

So, as I stated earlier, today re-began my journey to my goal (once again). I figured I ought to be serious about this, so I pulled out a scale and asked my man chicken to take a "before" picture of me.

The scale sat on the kitchen floor, taunting me, daring me to take the step. I stared it down like the beginning of a shoot out in a spaghetti western. Tumble weed rolled past. I closed my eyes, exhaled as much breath as I could, sucked in my stomach (like that would help) and placed one bare foot after the other on the scale. I forced one eye open ready to take in the horror that was awaiting me. What? Blink blink. Wait, what? I looked down hard, both eyes focusing on the little half lines and full lines and numbers, trying to make sense of it all. That can't be right. Let's try this again. This time, no exhale, no stomach sucking, just plain old stepping on the scale. Focus eyes, focus. Huh... same place on the big line between the half lines and the two numbers. Wow. Ok. I'll take that.

I stepped back off the crackity metal spring loaded gadget. My head was spinning. How can that be? I took it in with a big relieved and slightly elated breath. It was a much lower number than I feared. This felt good. My goal suddenly felt attainable. Like super attainable. Like I can do this like mad dog attainable. And not just some, I'll feel better about myself but still have some more to go before "damn she's hot" kind of goal. This would be in the "damn she's hot" goal arena! Holy poop kittens! This is fanfreakintastic!!! *singing* Ceeeellabrate good times! C'mon!!

I walked around my house all day feeling like I was doing something. Yeah! I got this! I ate a salad for lunch and liked it. I drank water like it was going out of style. The road has been paved and I am taking it!! Woohoo!!!

That is until... until my man chicken stepped on the scale and said, "hey, I think this thing is off by about 20 pounds"

bbbbbbbblllllllltttttthhhhhhzzzzzzzz - that is the sound of my ego deflating like a rogue balloon.

Think I'll go do another one minute plank.

Here we go again...

As I got out of bed this morning, I looked at the clock and said "shit!" I was supposed to meet a friend for a Couch to 5K session around 9:00-ish. It was 8:40-ish. Pax was just waking up and the man chicken was a large snoozing rock. I hurried downstairs, plopped P on the couch and got the coffee started (of course after spilling a pile of grounds on the floor).

As would be most fitting for the morning thus far, my phone was dead. On the charger she goes! After a few surges I was able to see my friend, we'll call her the dear K, had sent me a text regarding our run/walk/get off our ass session. Tethered to the charger and leaning my body into an "interesting" angle, I was able to text her back and let her know I was still game, just running late. Being the fabulous human she is, she replied in her usual "no worries" fashion.

A flash of clothes, cheerios and coffee later, P and I were gearing up for our meet up. I went to take my pre-exercise poop and noticed a little gift - egg drop soup was in full flow. Awesome. Ok, taken care of. Next, get the P man out the door. Approaching his booster seat, I noticed he was perched in a rather precarious position. My suspicion was spot on - he was soiling himself. Awesome. Another change of clothes and here we go.

We met the dear K and one of her brood on my block and planned our route - around the lake we go! We got to the starting spot, clicked on the C25K ap and took off. Of course there was a ton of chatting (one of the best things about a workout buddy). During our chat we started scheming, started devising a master plan to make ourselves feel good. She and I are in similar boats and made a small confession to each other regarding swimsuits and public appearances. We have similar goals, lifestyles, budgets and wishes. This is a good fit. We have like minds and temperaments and energy levels. This is a real good fit. Plus, I like her. I think she's a pretty groovy chica. This is an excellent fit. This could work.

We finished our jaunt and headed over to my place for a one minute plank. We did it. We did it all. We felt good. We felt ready to do something. And so now we will. And the best part, we have each other to keep motivated and honest and on track. So here's the plan...

C25K on Tues, Thurs and either Sat or Sun (depending)
Sworkit Ap on Mon and Wed at each other's home while the kids go bananas.
Friday an active activity with the kidlets - like swimming or a bike ride or a hike
Free yoga Sun evening
*possible kickboxing on Sat morning.

The man chicken and I have already been doing some cleaner eating and cooking. We're just going to amp that up and I've planned my breakfasts and lunches for the week already.

This can work. It will work. It has to work.
Cheers! (again)

Just a little side note: You probably noticed Stroller Strides isn't in my workout plan. This breaks my heart. It has nothing to do with the organization or the workout or any of the fantabulous people I miss so dearly from SS. This has to do with my current place in life. Oh how I wish I could join my tribe right now, but it simply isn't feasible at this juncture. Soon, though. I will get back soon!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Get Fit Challenge

Hey gang!

So on Feb. 1st I started a Get Fit Challenge through the Stroller Strides hoo ha that I adore soooooo very much. Awesome! I've been doing ok. Been working out around 4 times a week. Ok, but not great. Been doing a little better nutritionally. Ok, but not great. So I need to get to great.

Last year when I was doing my 4 by 44 challenge I was so motivated, so "on it". I was kickin ass and takin names. This challenge I'm a little more "meh". I'm giving it about 3/4 of my all at workouts, but I just don't have that sense of "hell yeah!" this time around. So what is different? How do I get my mojo back? Been thinking about it for a few days and it sort of bopped me in the head last night. You. I need you. I need to be accountable. I need to put it to the universe and say it out loud.

So, here we go again! I'm saying it out loud. Honestly. Embarrassingly. Hopefully. Nakedly. I'm putting it out there.

Since my world tilted off it's axis last fall, I ate my way through the months that have come and gone. All the hard work. All the sweat and dedication. All the wins and losses. All of it went down my throat in the form of food. Sweet. Salty. Fatty. I ate and drank with abandon. I didn't go overboard and binge myself into oblivion, I just stopped caring about what went in. I also slacked like a mofo on my workouts. Excuses were made. Ways out were sought and found. Ugh. All of this equals being right back where I started. I'm back in a size 10.

There is an ickyness that comes with failure. An ickyness that wasn't present last time. The ickyness of being the girl who cried wolf. I said I was going to do it. I got about half way there and then stopped. Just stopped. Dead in my tracks stopped. It's pretty humiliating. I don't like it. No sir, not one bit. I'm back to being embarrassed of myself again. "Please don't take my picture." "Sorry honey, I want to have sex, but I don't want you to see what all is back to jiggling again." I don't even want to look at clothes much less put on anything that wouldn't be tossed in the can on What Not to Wear. If its baggy and stretchy, ok. Other than that, no way Jose. I've been so thankful for cold weather. It gives me a reason to hide under sweatshirts.

I don't want to be this person anymore.

I want to change. I really, really do.

Here's the game plan. I am enrolled in this challenge for 10 weeks total. For the workouts my plan is to do a minimum of 4 days a week, but the goal is 5. 4 Stroller Strides classes and one Babyless Bootcamp class per week. I will get back to running outside in the spring. I'm realizing that I have got to get a hold of my food. It is the bane of all I am trying to accomplish. I have called a nutritionist and am scheduling a few private sessions with her. This means a change for the whole family. I can't do that part on my own. I know this will be way harder than any workout. Some logistics and circumstances are going to be major obstacles. Sure, I'd love to have all the time and money to do nothing but eat local, seasonal, organic greatness. Sure I'd love to incorporate more fish and less meat into our diet. Reality? I have a family with certain likes and dislikes and a budget and a little guy that doesn't understand mommy being in the kitchen for long periods of time. Not making excuses, just saying this is going to be the biggest challenge in my Get Fit Challenge.

I'm going to celebrate my ups. I'm going to be honest about my downs. I'm going to find my stride. I'm going to encounter bumps in the road. I will rejoice. I will complain. I will do this.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 page one

Well hello there 2013. It is very nice to meet you. I'm looking forward to some wonderful times together.

So, here I sit. A new year year. A new chance. 365 blank pages. Let's see how this story goes...

I'm back in the "reach my goal" saddle with some new resolutions and a new focus and, best of all, with a little bit of help; my husband. Turns out, he's looking to get a little healthier this year too. It's hard to do the eating right thing with a two year old hanging below the percentile charts and a meat and potatoes kind of guy by your side. Not saying that is why I didn't reach my goal. Not using them as a crutch or an excuse. I didn't reach my goal because I didn't reach my goal. All I'm saying is maybe now I will have an easier time of it. When everybody is looking in the same direction, it is far easier to get where you're going.

So what am I doing? Ok, first off Shawn and I have decided to menu plan together - which is huge!!! We want to eat whole foods and preferably food that is in season. Going to try and avoid the packaged, processed, sodium filled boxes and bags of crap. Hoping my microwave will get a nice long rest. We even want to learn to make sushi!! What? Yep, even sushi! (ok, so really only California roll type stuff, Shawn is not a fish guy at all and I'm kinda on the picky side of it.) We're going for it! New foods, new flavors, new year, new us. If you have any recipes you'd like to share... please, by all means.

On the exercise front, well... I'm resolved to do 5 days a week. I'd love to do 6, but I think 5 is reasonable. At the moment it's all about Stroller Strides and Babyless Bootcamp. As I gather some more cold weather gear, I'd like to try winter running. I got some great gloves from Santa!!! It's a start!!! I'll be joining the annual Get Fit Challenge on Jan 15 as well as the running group that starts in March. My big goal is running a 10k! I did a 5 last year, so I want to do a 10 this year! No reason I can't. None. Just gotta find one, sign up and show up. Oh... and... you know, finish it... there is that...

In addition to all this healthy body stuff, I want to have a healthy mind and spirit. My other big goal is to once and for all get my happy ass organized! I'm tidy, but I am not organized. Oi veh. So it is time to change that. One thing I am really looking to get on track is my day. Pax and I have no set schedule. It's a free for all and things can get all wonked out. He deserves so much better than that. Wonked out days can lead to too much TV and not enough of what is really fun. So, we now have a schedule. Time to implement it and put it in action. I feel better already. I think he will too. The schedule is for Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri. Thursday is Adventure Day and Sat & Sun are time with daddy - which usually turn into adventure days. We are also starting a reward chart. Two days of it and this place is already a bouncier, happier, more fun joint to be around. Positive reinforcement sure does seem to be a better alternative to punishments and consequences all day long. He is two and a half... it's envelope pushing season.

Hoping all of this adds up to a great year. More books, less TV. More music, less Internet. Outside vs. Inside. One art hour a day. One walk or run or hour of exercise a day. One small adventure a week. One big adventure a month. Better food in our bodies. Better words out of our mouths. Time spent well and not wasted into a blur of "what did we do yesterday?". So, hello there 2013. Let's make it a grand one!