Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Playing catch up

So Friday was a bust, but fun! P and I spent the day at the pool. During our stay, my man proposed a last minute date night. Woohoo!! I was game! In a frenzy I secured a babysitter (no easy task for a last minute Friday night!!) got us out of the pool, back home, fed, house cleaned, me cleaned and looking cute and out the door. I met my man at the movie theatre it was a night for Man of Steel!!! Needless to say, a workout was not squeezed in anywhere. Dinner was a Go Picnic and some popcorn. Yes, we did share a coke. Sue me.

Saturday was an activity type workout. Hooray!!! My guys and I loaded up on the bikes and headed down to the Highlands Street Fair. We live on 48 and the fair was on a 32. We wove around some blocks on the way there and enjoyed the ups and downs of it all. The P Bear was in the iBert seat on my bike, so I got the extra 30-ish pounds. It was great!! When we got to the fair, we walked up and down the streets in the heat. Chatted with a few people about schools and what nots. Then we strolled into Sweet Cow and nommed on some seriously good ice cream!!! Holy poop that stuff is good!!!! I had one scoop of salted caramel on a cone. I could have consumed a mountain of that yummy! Afterwards we headed back to the bikes. We loaded back up and and rode a couple of blocks to where a groovy 80;s band was playing. Jamming out happened for a few songs.  The P was boppin and diggin the tunage. A not so great rendition of a New Bohemian song began and we headed back to our abode. We took several fun detours - one was around a local elementary school. It looks like Hogwarts. It's awesome. Two were around the lakes that bookend our neighborhood. We had a great time. We all felt great. It was quite simply greatness. Other than the amazing ice cream, food is sort of a blur. I think there were some chicken apple sausage and eggs consumed before the jaunt. Dinner obviously wasn't anything to write home about. :o/

Sunday was another activity day. Father's Day. Being the great wife that I am, I made no plans. P and I signed cards and gave my man his home made gift. Then we sat around for a little while saying, "Well... what do you want to do?" We decided on a hike! Horray!! Despite the thick gray sky, we tredged forward. We loaded up snacks and some extra bottom apparel for the P - just in case. Kid carrier backpack and several water bottles later, we were in the car and driving through the rain to our mountain destination. A hiking we will go! We got to the new state park and the rain was letting up, sort of. We jumped back into the car when we realized it was cold and we didn't bring any sort of long sleeved shirt for the P. Yeah, I'm an awesome mom too. Off to a nearby town. A little store was found a hoodie and a plastic frog were purchased and back to the trail we went. Of course the sun came out and warmed everything up, so the hoodie was put into a backpack. P was loaded into the backpack kid carrier and hoisted on my shoulders. We were off and hiking - finally! About a mile into the hike we stumbled upon a Park Ranger and some kids with a bucket of minnows and a magnifying glass at the edge of a great pond. We stopped and enjoyed ourselves immensely until thunder roared through the trees. The gray clouds reappeared quick! That happens in the mountains. p was back in the carrier and on my shoulders in no time. I'll be honest, I have a major fear of being struck by lightening. I have no idea where it comes from, but it scares the poop kittens out of me!!! I got a little bugged out when the storm came up on us. I may have even panicked and over reacted just a wee bit. My idea was to head to the car in the quickest manner possible. My man's idea was to take the long way around. What?!? Are you kidding me? Do you hear that thunder? Oh and in my awesome momness, I also didn't bring any proper rain gear for the little guy. Yeah, I'm that good. There was a rain jacket in my size in the backback. I told my man to put it on the P and I would just get rained on. He needed it way more than I did. We wrapped him up and headed out. Yes, we did start going the long way around, but I was all a twitter, so my man said to go ahead and turn around to go back the way we came. I high tailed it. I was running like a crazy person with a three year old and a carrier on me. Of course with the rain came hail. Why not make this even more fun, universe? After about a quarter of a mile, the thunder subsided and so did I. I calmed down and actually started to enjoy the rain. It became fun. An actual adventure. I felt bad that I freaked out and subsequently caused my little guy to freak out, but we all breathed it in and wound up having a good time. We got to the car, got P out of his wet clothes, (the rain jacket didn't really help much) my man gave me an extra shirt he had brought and we had a bit of a car picnic. Odwalla bars were the main fare with lots of snacks to go around. Oh the glory of apples!! There was a bit of a hiccup. After getting P all nice and dry and into the "in case" pants I brought him, he had a bit of an accident. In the front seat of my man's car. Oops! I guess all the hoo ha made him a little out of sorts. We cleaned everything up and dried him off again. One problem - the only remaining dry clothes we had for him was the hoodie from the run into town trip from earlier. Free Pantless was in the house! On that note, we loaded back into the car and headed off to more adventures.

One of my most favorite things to do with my family is to get lost - take a spontaneous adventure. Sometimes we'll be driving along and we'll see a road or a sign for a state park we don't know or something like that and we'll just go for it. We've wound up in some of the most amazing places! This time we saw a sign for Reynolds State Park and off we went. It was fantastic!! We found some cool camping grounds and some amazing hiking trails!!! We got out of the car and Free Pantless and all went for one of the most pleasant jaunts I've ever had. It was so beautiful!!! the trail was devoid of people, but incredibly maintained. The area was breathtaking with views that almost made you cry. All we could hear were birds, tons of birds and wind breezing about in the trees. At one point we stumbled on a tiny little fawn in the thicket. After watching her for a spell, my man and I got a little gut feeling. Where there is prey... there probably is a predator. Seeing as we were completely not prepared for the jaunt, we made the decision to head back down. It was good. We had a wonderful time. Just always better to be safe than sorry. We drank in as much of the hike as we could draw out of it. Tons of pictures. Tons of little stops to listen or look or both. Loads of smiles. The H dog got to enjoy it too. We found this lovely meadow and dropped the leash. It's been a while since he got to run like that. It was a beautiful thing to see.

In the car again and headed home, two of the four passengers conked out and snoozed the whole way. The other two smiled and talked. It was a great day. It was a wonderful discovery. It was a fantastic weekend.

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