Sunday, June 9, 2013

Here we go again...

As I got out of bed this morning, I looked at the clock and said "shit!" I was supposed to meet a friend for a Couch to 5K session around 9:00-ish. It was 8:40-ish. Pax was just waking up and the man chicken was a large snoozing rock. I hurried downstairs, plopped P on the couch and got the coffee started (of course after spilling a pile of grounds on the floor).

As would be most fitting for the morning thus far, my phone was dead. On the charger she goes! After a few surges I was able to see my friend, we'll call her the dear K, had sent me a text regarding our run/walk/get off our ass session. Tethered to the charger and leaning my body into an "interesting" angle, I was able to text her back and let her know I was still game, just running late. Being the fabulous human she is, she replied in her usual "no worries" fashion.

A flash of clothes, cheerios and coffee later, P and I were gearing up for our meet up. I went to take my pre-exercise poop and noticed a little gift - egg drop soup was in full flow. Awesome. Ok, taken care of. Next, get the P man out the door. Approaching his booster seat, I noticed he was perched in a rather precarious position. My suspicion was spot on - he was soiling himself. Awesome. Another change of clothes and here we go.

We met the dear K and one of her brood on my block and planned our route - around the lake we go! We got to the starting spot, clicked on the C25K ap and took off. Of course there was a ton of chatting (one of the best things about a workout buddy). During our chat we started scheming, started devising a master plan to make ourselves feel good. She and I are in similar boats and made a small confession to each other regarding swimsuits and public appearances. We have similar goals, lifestyles, budgets and wishes. This is a good fit. We have like minds and temperaments and energy levels. This is a real good fit. Plus, I like her. I think she's a pretty groovy chica. This is an excellent fit. This could work.

We finished our jaunt and headed over to my place for a one minute plank. We did it. We did it all. We felt good. We felt ready to do something. And so now we will. And the best part, we have each other to keep motivated and honest and on track. So here's the plan...

C25K on Tues, Thurs and either Sat or Sun (depending)
Sworkit Ap on Mon and Wed at each other's home while the kids go bananas.
Friday an active activity with the kidlets - like swimming or a bike ride or a hike
Free yoga Sun evening
*possible kickboxing on Sat morning.

The man chicken and I have already been doing some cleaner eating and cooking. We're just going to amp that up and I've planned my breakfasts and lunches for the week already.

This can work. It will work. It has to work.
Cheers! (again)

Just a little side note: You probably noticed Stroller Strides isn't in my workout plan. This breaks my heart. It has nothing to do with the organization or the workout or any of the fantabulous people I miss so dearly from SS. This has to do with my current place in life. Oh how I wish I could join my tribe right now, but it simply isn't feasible at this juncture. Soon, though. I will get back soon!

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