Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day Four - Hilly Hill Hill!

Well howdy do! New day. Hooray!
The temps are still high, but so are my spirits. Captain Cranky McCrankypants decided to go back to whence she came. So long beyatch!

I had a plan to do a fitness pyramid with the dear K. She arrived with all kidlets in tow and after some procrastination type conversation, we put our plan and asses in motion. Out on the side porch we went. First we started a 5 weeks to 100 challenge. Basically we are doing 20 jumping jacks, burpees, squats, pushups and situps for five days. Then we'll do 40 of those exercises for 5 days, then 60, then 80 and then 100. The burpees nearly killed us!!!! After that we did this crazy workout pyramid:

50 crunches
15 pushups
1 minute plank
30 second side plank
1 minute bridge
15 pushups
1 minute plank
30 second other side plank
50 crunches
1 minute raised plank
2 minute bridge
50 crunches

Several minutes of cussing, drinking water, high fiving and trying to breathe.

For our cardio, we loaded all the tiny humans into a couple of Bobs and hit the sidewalks. Instead of running we chose hiking up and down hills. At the bottom of our neighborhood are some pretty steep inclines. We wove up and down the streets starting at letter M and ending at letter S. It was wonderfully challenging! Schweet schweet schweat! Ok, so there were a handful of "Oh my look at that garden! I need to take a picture!" stops, but we high tailed it most of the way.

We got to the dear K's home and took a small break. Of course we said it was so the kids could play, but really it was so we could catch our breath and enjoy the company for just a moment longer. After a few, I left her to make lunch for her littles and the P and I headed back home. I ran most of the way. It was hot hot hot, so some walking was required.

The rest of the day went well. Watched a little boy from 3-6. Had a Scriptprov meeting from 6-7.
I ate relatively well, ok it was more of a mehlatively well. Skipped breakfast, had the salad for lunch. Had a whole grain Fig Newton for snack. Had another whole grain Fig Newton for a second snack. Since my man was helping a pal that night, I made a kid dinner. Homemade chicken nuggets, macaroni & cheese and broccoli. After P was in bed and my man was home, he and I shared a small bowl of low fat ice cream. Lots of water and one lemonade and of course my morning coffee.

With the exception of all the wildfires, it was a pretty good day. Hope tomorrow is even better

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