Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hello Day 2

Well you thought you were a tricky one didn't you? You thought you were gonna consume me into not doing a workout of some sort. Well screw you Monday! It may not have been the greatest workout known to man, but I did it. I freakin did it. So there.

I had a loooong list of the "to do's" yesterday. Most of which surrounded bills and budgets and all those unpleasantries. If there is anything more demotivating than paying bills, I can not for the life of me figure out what it is. That is one wind taker out of the sails kind of activity. The endless websites and phone calls and passwords that you can't remember because you have so damned many passwords that are so damned similar. It is mind numbing. It is energy sucking. It is a nasty little amoeba that just leeches out every ounce of your soul. And so that was the excuse mountain I had to climb today.

Yes, I had set a little Sworkit session with the dear K. No, I did not manage to keep said appointment. It's ok. She wanted to do a kickboxing class that would not fit in my schedule and I had to face the customer service counter for Comcast. After several hours, way too much math and an unending line at Comcast I finally revelled in the moment of "fait au compli!" It was time for me!

P Bear fell asleep on the drive home - perfect! I got him out of the car and into the bed without trouble. I knew I had enough time to squeeze in a workout. I ran downstairs, filled my water bottle and turned on the Sworkit Ap! I like exercising outside, so I went out on the back deck. Remind me next time to grab a yoga mat. My knees! Oh my knees!! I toughed it out and went for it. Splinters and all!

This was my first time using the ap, so I knew it was going to be an adventure. I chose a 30 minute total body set. When you hit start, this thing means START! It's fast! 30 second sets of all kinds of craziness!  And it keeps you moving. Up one exercise, down the next. Do squats, now do crunches, now do jumping jacks, now do a plank. Intense! Some of the exercises had odd names and I had no idea what they were talking about, so I had to push pause several times to look at the video. Thank goodness for the little videos! However, with all the checking it slowed my pace and took longer than 30 minutes. That's ok. Learning curve. Speaking of learning curve, I did learn several things...

1) So make sure I grab that damn yoga mat next time.
2) Neighbors are gonna watch, make sure the girls are high and tight.
3) have the water bottle actually outside with you when you start the workout - duh!
4) I now know what the hell an inch worm is.
5) All floor level exercises take on a whole new level of intensity and hilarity with a doggy licking your face every time you get down.

It wound up being a nice little sweat fest. Not sure how much the 98* temp and 12% humidity plaid in that, but I felt good and worked by the end. Nice. Now I want to explore other aps and challenges. This could be fun after all!! I probably won't get into all the DVD's and such, since I like working outside. I'd rather have something that tells me what to do and I don't have to sit there staring at some tight bodied bitch trying to follow her every move. Just yell in my ear, that's what I want. I think I need a pocket Drill Sargent. Anyone have one of those I could borrow?

Food is going well!! Hooray! Finally!! I'm gong the "set in stone" route. For breakfast I am having a cup of coffee (sorry that is non negotiable) and a piece of toasted homemade bread with peanut butter. Lunch is a mixed green salad with smoked chicken (we smoked a whole chicken on Sunday - it's awesome!) dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, croutons and a white balsamic vinaigrette. Dinner is where I get to change it up and have what everyone else is having. Last night I made a mustard and caraway seed skinless boneless chicken breast with roasted potatoes and mixed veg. Hell yes, I had a glass of pinot grigio. The rest of the day I drank water, water, water. I feel good. I feel on track.

So, now let's see what Day 3 brings.. :o)

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