Friday, June 14, 2013

Day Five - It was a good day

Thursday. Only two things on the agenda - remarkably! One, sign the P Bear up for swim lessons at 5:30 (don't get me started on that) and 2) get in a run.

The run was planned for early, like around 9:30 AM. I was psyched! I love getting it done early. Then I feel like I have the whole day to take on the world. Text came. The dear K had something pop up and can't do early. Waa waa. Ok. Readjust. It's cool. With three kids and a husband and two dogs and a house and a couple of cats, I get why things go off schedule for her. She has a truck load on her plate! Her agenda is very rarely her own. No matter how well planned a day is, when preschoolers are involved the schedule will run off the rails at some point. It is just a fact.

Speaking of running off the rails, I'm gonna go a little off topic. Since my little one was born I have wanted, desperately wanted to give him a sibling. It's one of those things that has plagued me. I have constantly felt guilty that my body and my age have deprived him of one of the greatest gifts in the world - a brother or a sister to walk through life with. The past few days, however, I've been looking at a different side of things. Instead of looking at what he is missing, I started trying to look at what he is gaining. Right now we are a happy little family. I'm sure we'd be a happy bigger family if the universe had opened that up for us, but as we are we are happy. There are some benefits to this.

The first thing I started focusing on is what we are able to do together. Our budget fits very snugly around us. It's tight. We're within it, but there isn't much wiggle room. Within that budget we allot for things like a good school for Pax and one extra activity/class a month (like swim lessons or soccer or what have you). We get Kiwi Crates and have zoo passes and museum passes and all that fun stuff. We take a weekly adventure somewhere like Sunflower Farm or Lakeside Amusement Park. If we had to budget for another  ticket or admission, most of that would be cut in half or completely out. One of the things we want to do is take P Bear to the San Diego Zoo in the next couple of years. It's crazy expensive! It'd be super tough to do it with a family of four or more.

Beyond the money stuff (because there is always money stuff and life is so much more than money stuff) there are intangibles - relationship and time. I think the biggest thing I'm noticing about my life with my son and some of the lives my friends have with their kids is how connected I am afforded to be with P Bear. We have incredible one on one time. We are face to face a lot. If he has a need, I am able to be right there - most of the time. We talk. We share. We laugh. We discover. We snuggle a lot. I get to hold him a lot. I know my friends get to do that with their kids too, but I think it might be a little different. My friends are very much "the mom". I'm the mom, but I'm also the buddy. We just do everything together. We went to a pool party last weekend, and we had so much fun together we completely forgot anyone else was there. Maybe that's not a good thing. Maybe it is. All I know is that for now I get to have that (and perhaps that is selfish) and I am holding on to it for as long as I possibly can. I am going to put this in the pro column. This is a plus in my book.

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled program...
P and I played an got some stuff done for the morning. Right before lunch I went out on the side porch and did my sets of 20's. Those damned burpees! I get up to 10 and I start to fade, by the time I get to 16 I think I'm going to die. I barely and quite sloppily make it to 20. I have no idea how the hell I'm supposed to do 40 of those muthahumpers next week. I'm either gonna kill myself or someone else. (insert a long list of expletives right here) I finished the 20's and put some lunch on the table. We ran a few errands and I got to the freakin pool sign up in time. (more expletives here please)

On my way home from the pool, I chatted with the dear K and we talked about going for our run. Got home, got things settled. My man still wasn't home and I was afraid I was going to have to cancel the run. In the door he walked. He told me he wanted to mow the lawn!! Hosah!! I knew at that moment the run was on!!! The dear K and I texted each other at about the same time, She was on the verge of calling it off and I was calling it on. We went with on! I grabbed my shoes and water bottle and tiny human, loaded everything/one in the Bob and said "see ya in a few, honey!" We were off! I had a flat. Screw it! I'm going! At a good pace I walked from M Street to S Street. I texted the dear K and thought we would meet there. I waited a few minutes.. humm... ok, I'll go up from 48 to 49 streets. Uphill, it's a good workout. I waited a few minutes... humm.. ok, I'll go up from 49 to 50. More uphill. It's all good. I waited a few minutes... humm.. I thought about it and figured we must have missed each other and I decided to go to the spot we had originally talked about meeting. I turned and ran from S to T and then from 50 to 46. There she was. Hooray!!! We started the C25K ap and had a great workout! Lots of sweat, water and conversation. It was grand. On our way home I chose to walk with her more toward her house. This way I could conquer another big hill. We said farewell and see you tomorrow at the top of 49 & S and then I was off to 48 and M. P fell asleep somewhere along the workout way and I did the final stretch at a good walking clip. I felt fantastic!

When I got home, I put the P to bed and my man and I spent the evening in the kitchen cooking together, talking and laughing. It was wonderful. We made some boneless skinless chicken with grape tomatoes, tarragon, scallions and white wine over a tri-color penne with a side of green beans. It was beautiful and delicious. Thursday was a good day.

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