Thursday, July 5, 2018

Hayley & Dawson tie the knot

So you know those people who just are perfect together? The ones you could not imagine being with anyone else? The ones who simply seem destined or fated? Well that is Hayley and Dawson. Two of the most remarkable people I know. So young and accomplished and well read and smart and funny and gorgeous and charming and witty and kind and thoughtful and surprising and just everything people should be. Absolutely wonderful humans.

These two carbon based bookends got married on a day celebrating independence. However ironic it sounds, it was the absolute right day for them. Especially Hayley, the lover of all things American History! The ceremony was brilliant in it's brevity, complete with quotes and references ranging from Robert Frost to Yoda, Hamilton to Adam Sandler.  The reception was an absolute hoot! Loads of dancing, including a complete remake of the Peanuts dance scene from Charlie Brown Christmas. And best of all was a performance one wedding guest provided of a speech from Independence Day the movie. It was a magnificent event from start to sparkly finish!!!

Here's to happily ever!!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

First Baseball Game of Summer 2018

Today Pax had his first game of the new season! Coach pitch and donning his awesome PF Flyers just like Benny the Jet Rodriguez! It was a great game! Pax scored two out of three times at bat and really hustled on the field. Most important, he had fun! And yes, he is wearing Mickey Mantle number 7!!!

After the game they picked a team name and the one Pax suggested got the most votes! The Grey Bambinos!!! Pretty awesome and a little hilarious, if you ask me. After a bunch of gatorade and saying good game, of course he had to climb a tree. Banner day!