Thursday, July 11, 2013

All thanks to the lovely K

The "marimba" from my iphone at 5:30 was just way too damned early. Hit snooze.
The "marimba" from my iphone at 5:39 was still to damned early. Clumsily I reached over and sent a very Tonto like text to the lovely K. "May take day off. Rough night sleep. You?" Her response was "getting dressed. see you at the park"
Well that did it. Ok. Deep sigh.

My body creaked and complained as I scrambled out of the sheets and blankets. The whole way downstairs I looked like Quasi Motto. "Water". I splashed some on my face. Nope. Not there yet. I splashed more on my face. Getting there. I found my clothes. I put them on. I found my shoes. Damn hole. I mean to duct tape a couple of cotton balls in there last night. Oh well. On they go, hole and all. Hat. Where's my hat? I can't find my hat! What the hell? I just had it last night. Where is my freaking hat? Drink some water. Drink too much water. Still no hat. Find a replacement, put it on, grabbed the phone and out the door. Sunlight. Now that will wake you up.

Earbuds in, tunes on, feet moving. I was doing this. All thanks to the lovely K for not letting me off the hook. Big, sincere thanks. I would have kicked my own ass later if I missed this run.

It took a minute or five for my pace to kick in. I think someone turned up the gravity. My feet kept hanging on to the pavement. As I passed the newly discovered swallow nests, all I saw this morning was the giant line of poop crossing the sidewalks and street. The grass in the park seemed wetter than usual. the mud seemed more slippery. Just nothing was rainbows and unicorns yet. Just keep swimming.

I got to the lovely K and had to fix my shoe. I fixed my shoe. Just her bright smile started heading things in a better direction. Well good morning. The workout was good. The conversation was great. The stretching after was brilliant. I needed that. All of that. My body feels better. My spirit is lifted. My energy is up. It's going to be a good day. All thanks to the lovely K.

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