Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy new everything

They say how you spend your New Year is how you will spend your new year, and I hope that is true.  Now I'm not sure if they mean day or eve, but I'm gonna call it both. It's a twofer in my book.

The 31st was a beautiful sunny day. We were able to go to the frog park and play with some pals. I brought along my new toy and had some fun while he had some fun. Still trying to figure everything out; ISO, aperture, shutter speed, even how to redirect the focus. It's challenging, but I'm digging the challenge. The play time was awesome, just what we needed - running, climbing, swinging, laughing, rolling in goose poop - and I was afforded the chance to hang with someone I truly dig. She's pretty groovy. I think I want to cultivate that friendship more this year.

After playtime I went to grab a paycheck and to my happy surprise there were two!! Yay! Then off to the store to get supplies for the next couple of days. Shawn came home early and we all settled into a very comfortable and cheery space. Playing and cooking commenced.

Once dinner (ham & cabbage soup) was done and belly bound, the fellas played some more and I grabbed our party gear. I kept a bunch of hats and noise makers and what nots from a NYE party we hosted a few years ago. Smartest idea ever! Those things have been put to use every NYE since! I handed them out, put some sparkling white grape juice in fancy glasses and our soiree began. We tried to have a countdown, but a little face found its way into the glass before we got to 9, so screw it (insert noise maker sound here) Happy New Year!! Pax loved the grape juice, mommy and daddy not so much. Good thing my man grabbed two bottles of bubbly on his way home!
Pop, pour, aahhhh...
We sat around the table drinking and giggling and snapping our hat strings to make each other laugh. Awesomeness. Best New Year's party ever.

Several books and stalling tactics later, I finally got a reluctant P Bear into bed and asleep. Downstairs my other guy was waiting with champagne and Trading Places. We watched, drank, laughed and a little before midnight the timer went off. We turned on CNN and sort of listened to Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper, but mainly we talked. We sipped and chatted. We talked about what the year had been, what we had learned, where we are now. We missed midnight, but kissed anyway and then talked some more. Even in our sweat pants with a living room full of Playmobil, there was a certain romance to it. I felt and feel connected with my husband. I know we love each other, but it's so nice to also really like each other. He's a great guy and I'm a lucky girl.

The next morning we all slept in. Oh how divine. We woke up to a funny little surprise out the window. It snowed! Totally unexpected and lovely. After some snuggles and a giggly trip downstairs, the morning began; coffee, breakfast, playing. At one point, over coffee I believe, my man and I talked about plans. Fun, adventurous plans. Places we want to go as a family, things we want to see and do. It was nice to look ahead together and imagine good times to come. I like plans. Plans are good.

As afternoon approached, the sun warmed up our little world and melted all the surprise snow, so outside we went with a bag of plastic animals. The creatures were thirsty and needed to get to the watering hole. P and I crawled around making running sounds and moving giraffes and wildebeests to the shady part of the sidewalk, which looked a little aquatic. Thank goodness they made it in time, but oh no! There's a crocodile!!! We got the critters safely to the savanna, then suddenly the wind picked up and little white flecks showed up around us. Snowing! Again! But it was warm and sunny a moment ago. Okie dokie. Time to roll with it. We gathered our friends, put them back in a bag and hauled them inside. Hello fireplace! Warming up was suddenly on the agenda.

Now thawed out, I let little bear play while I cleaned up a bit and my man had some man time. While I was in the kitchen I stopped to make a list on the fridge. Call it "to do", call them "resolutions", whatever you want. I'm simply saying they are reminders of stuff I want to actively engage...

Turn it off
Tune in
Be present

That's what I want to do. And perhaps in that order. I dunno. All I know is I was compelled to write it, so I'm paying attention to my voice from inside, as hokey as that may be.

The rest of the day was simple, comfortable, content. We ate. We played. We laughed. We watched a little TV. We went to bed. So why do I want my year to be like my New Year's? Because. Because I hope it is filled with fun, friendship, family, adventure, laughter, connection, quiet romance, good food, good drink, happy surprises, making and keeping plans, playing, imagining and rolling with what comes our way. I hope it is a comfortable year, but not too comfortable that we loose the adventure. I hope it is full of little moments as well as grand celebrations. I hope it is packed with really loving and really liking each other. I hope it is a year we are all engaged in our life and present in every second. I hope imagination reins supreme and we always play, play, play.

Happy new year!

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