Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sunset Safari

So Monday had a layer of funk film glossed all over it. Just blechy little things, then one blechy decent sized thing right at the end of the day. I got a letter stating there was an abnormality on my mammogram and I need to come in for further testing.

I'm not panicked. I'm not. Most of these things wind up being nothing, but there is always that nagging little bug in the back of your mind, just gnawing away with a veracious "what if". This is probably compounded right now watching an old friend from college bravely fighting her battle. She's kicking ass and really being strong, but it's been tough. It's been scary. And I think it's a viable fear that most of us gals have. So after swallowing hard and trying to get my heart out of my throat, I decided P Bear and I needed a reprieve. We needed to change our scenery.

P Bear choose a safari at the lake option. I thought it was a grand idea. We packed up his little Elmo backpack with a bunch of hard animals and walked over to Rocky Mountain lake. It was about 4:30 and the sun was setting, casting a golden glow on everything. It was just what we, I, needed.

The sun started warm and out the animals came on the dry, rocky bank. They wove in and out of the tall, thin grass and trumpled up dust with their hooves and claws. After a while we took notice of the ducks on the frozen pond and suddenly we were the animals as all the toys went back into the pack. As the sun headed over the mountains and out of sight, the chill came on and we spent our last few moments tossing pebbles onto the ice. Red cheeked and cold fingered, we headed home with a renewed, yet tuckered spirit. I didn't mind that the last animal I played was a pack mule as I carried my boy and our toys up the hill and under the bridge back to our warm little yellow house.

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