Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Making hay while the sunshines

Today was a gorgeous day. Absolutely beautiful! Blue skies. Warm sun. Perfect. Tomorrow, however is supposed to be cold and snowy. That's Denver for ya. So the P Bear and I decided to take advantage and head to the backyard. It was sandbox time. The newest addition to our family has been jonesing to check out what goes on on the other side of the windows, so we let her join us. It was good. It was all good.

Sandbox time lasted only a little while. The sand soon found it's way out of the box and into some experiments with gravity. Eventually the sand was tossed aside for some serious follow the leadering complete with the song from Peter Pan. Ta da, ta dee, ta doodily dum ta dee. After many paths had been taken, little guy's interest was caught by the wood pile. One of his favorites. I'm not sure what he draw is, but this kid can sit and peel the bark off wood for an eternity. Ok. We all have our jollies. At least I don't think I need to be concerned about any attention defecits. His focus is laser sharp when it comes to sticks.

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