Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Goals and gear

A few weeks ago I scored two tickets to the Run Like a Mother Event in Denver. My first date was hired to photograph the event. My second date's son had T-ball. So my third date and I put on some skirts and headed to the affair! It was awesome! Super groovy chicas. Super groovy swag! Super groovy energy and info and all sorts of hoo ha. Lerfed it I did.

As we walked up and checked in we were given the proverbial name tag sticker thingies. We were asked to not only write our name, but what our running goal was for the year. Ok. It took me a moment to know what that was. I hadn't thought of it. I didn't have the big goal I set for myself last year. I hadn't really set any goal for myself this year. Then... I heard a little voice in the back of my mind. Not my voice. Hummm... it was a little blue fishy voice sing songy saying "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming." And there it was.. my goal. My goal is to not quit. My goal is to keep running. Through the heat. Through the fall. Through the winter and just keep going. I don't want to be back where I am right now - at this starting over place. I want to be in the "holy crap! I can't believe I just did that place". I want to look back at today and say, "wow. Look how far I've come! I just ran ___ miles in ___ time!" or "I just signed up for ___ race and I'm gonna do it!" That's where I want to be this time next year. I don't want to apologize for where I am but celebrate where I've gone. Just. keep. swimming.

So of course nothing was going to keep me from my new love - the 6:00 AM run today. Not the wake up call at 3:00 that had me in the bathroom in a cold sweat. Not even the repeat of said bathroom event that occurred at 5:30. No playdough poop factory was gonna bring me down! No sir! I had new socks in my swag bag and a new (and quite sassy in it's purple leopard print glory) running bra to try out. Not to mention my awesome new BAMR hat!! I was doing this! 

I washed the cold sweat off my face and started getting into my run gear. The socks felt goooood. I squeezed into the bra realizing I should have grabbed the other size I was debating between. In this one I feel like a corseted maiden at the Ren Fair. High and tight, girls. High and tight! Shirt, running skirt, hat and shoes. Oh the shoes. Poor, poor shoes. They've seen better days. But it's good. It's a sign they have been used and loved. They are the shoes that helped me fall in love with running last year. They carried me across my first finish line and got me sort of close to my goal. I was hoping they would get me through the summer, but the hole I've worn on the inside of the shoe is now wearing a hole on the outside of my foot. I think it's time to go to pasture. How bout one more run, eh?

On they went and out the door I headed. Unlike my solo run yesterday, I met up with the lovely K and we jaunted around Berkeley lake. I adore her. It was a great workout and great conversation and we both felt a grillion times better by the end of it all. 

A little stretch on the playground and back home to make coffee. The silence in this room is a beautiful thing. However, it is time to ruffle the man chicken's feathers and wake him up for work. My day has once again started off on the right foot. Yay. 

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