Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So that happened...

Oh universe, why must you challenge me so! Of course I went to bed a little late last night. Of course I slept completely wrong and woke up with the crankiest crick in my neck. Of course my little P bear crawled in bed with us sometime in the wee hours and didn't want to let go of mommy as my snooze alarm went off. Of course.

But I mustered up the gumption anyway.

I sneakily and creakily rolled out of the bed, went downstairs and started getting dressed. I took a few extra minutes to stretch as much of my neck/shoulder as possible. I got it to a tolerable point. I put on my shoes. Not new ones yet. Looks like I'll be wearing more of that hole on my foot. I grabbed my iphone and off we went.

Thank you Beastie Boys. Body Movin actually got my body movin. It was just what I needed. My spirits started lifting, as did my pace. The sun was lovely today. Actually everything kind of was. At least it was way more lovely than I anticipated anything was going to be.

The workout was good. Happy to be 5K training again. Just wish I weren't having to do it. Wish I were in the thick of running and could keep up with a couple of pals that have been doing full on 6 mile runs in the morning. But I'm up and out and heading in the right direction. One foot in front of the other.

For some reason, as challenging as it was to get started this morning it wound up being incredibly fulfilling. I felt like I was working a little more, sweating a little more. The faces I passed were a little friendlier. And then it was over. Like that. Poof. It went so fast this morning. Not in a bad way, but in a really good way. As I was leaving the park I looked up and saw something really groovy. There is an overpass I have to go under to get back home and the past few days I have noticed little swallows swooping around this overpass. So this morning when I looked up, I saw hundreds and hundreds of swallow nests all tucked in to the girders. There were swallows everywhere! It was crazy cool! I felt like I was in Capistrano or something. I didn't even know we had swallows in this neck of the woods. Awesome awesome discovery.

However, on my run I did have a little "incident" shall we call it. I learned a while back to always make eye contact with the people you pass in case they are creeps. I want them to know I see them. There have been some odd people running a muck in my neighborhood. One in particular is quite fond of his own manhood and a sparkly thong. So I look at everyone. I scan them, then look in their eyes and smile. Well there was a guy running toward me in what looked like tights. It puzzled me, so I watched him grow larger in my vision as he approached. I was curious about the tights. It just looked odd. As he got closer, the oddness was confirmed. But they weren't tights. They were like biking capris or something. They seemed to have some "extra padding" around what would be deemed as his vulnerables. It sort of resembled a cod piece. It was like a train wreck. I couldn't take my eyes off it. What the french was going on down there. And then it happened. He caught me. He totally caught me checking out his package. I felt his stare and then my eyes met his and this time I was not the one smiling, he was. Oy veh.

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