Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 page one

Well hello there 2013. It is very nice to meet you. I'm looking forward to some wonderful times together.

So, here I sit. A new year year. A new chance. 365 blank pages. Let's see how this story goes...

I'm back in the "reach my goal" saddle with some new resolutions and a new focus and, best of all, with a little bit of help; my husband. Turns out, he's looking to get a little healthier this year too. It's hard to do the eating right thing with a two year old hanging below the percentile charts and a meat and potatoes kind of guy by your side. Not saying that is why I didn't reach my goal. Not using them as a crutch or an excuse. I didn't reach my goal because I didn't reach my goal. All I'm saying is maybe now I will have an easier time of it. When everybody is looking in the same direction, it is far easier to get where you're going.

So what am I doing? Ok, first off Shawn and I have decided to menu plan together - which is huge!!! We want to eat whole foods and preferably food that is in season. Going to try and avoid the packaged, processed, sodium filled boxes and bags of crap. Hoping my microwave will get a nice long rest. We even want to learn to make sushi!! What? Yep, even sushi! (ok, so really only California roll type stuff, Shawn is not a fish guy at all and I'm kinda on the picky side of it.) We're going for it! New foods, new flavors, new year, new us. If you have any recipes you'd like to share... please, by all means.

On the exercise front, well... I'm resolved to do 5 days a week. I'd love to do 6, but I think 5 is reasonable. At the moment it's all about Stroller Strides and Babyless Bootcamp. As I gather some more cold weather gear, I'd like to try winter running. I got some great gloves from Santa!!! It's a start!!! I'll be joining the annual Get Fit Challenge on Jan 15 as well as the running group that starts in March. My big goal is running a 10k! I did a 5 last year, so I want to do a 10 this year! No reason I can't. None. Just gotta find one, sign up and show up. Oh... and... you know, finish it... there is that...

In addition to all this healthy body stuff, I want to have a healthy mind and spirit. My other big goal is to once and for all get my happy ass organized! I'm tidy, but I am not organized. Oi veh. So it is time to change that. One thing I am really looking to get on track is my day. Pax and I have no set schedule. It's a free for all and things can get all wonked out. He deserves so much better than that. Wonked out days can lead to too much TV and not enough of what is really fun. So, we now have a schedule. Time to implement it and put it in action. I feel better already. I think he will too. The schedule is for Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri. Thursday is Adventure Day and Sat & Sun are time with daddy - which usually turn into adventure days. We are also starting a reward chart. Two days of it and this place is already a bouncier, happier, more fun joint to be around. Positive reinforcement sure does seem to be a better alternative to punishments and consequences all day long. He is two and a half... it's envelope pushing season.

Hoping all of this adds up to a great year. More books, less TV. More music, less Internet. Outside vs. Inside. One art hour a day. One walk or run or hour of exercise a day. One small adventure a week. One big adventure a month. Better food in our bodies. Better words out of our mouths. Time spent well and not wasted into a blur of "what did we do yesterday?". So, hello there 2013. Let's make it a grand one!


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