Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Page Nine

Tuesday! Trying to remember Tuesday.... someone please remind me not to get behind on this suff again. Thanks.

Ok, I know my workout, so I'll start there. Two mile run. It was still a bit on the muggy side, hot but not as hot. I focused on my form. Really changed up my gait and low and behold I shaved just over 20 seconds off my pace per mile!!! Sweet! Gonna try to keep that up!

Food... :o/
I think it was a bowl of cerel for breakfast. I know lunch was an Asian chopped salad with chicken from Pei Wei. Snacks were some berries and carrots and half a turtle cookie. Dinner was red beans and rice with mix veg and summer sausage. Not enough water (also gave me a side stitch on my run) some chai tea and whole milk.

Ok. I'm done with Tuesday.

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