Friday, July 13, 2012

Page Eleven

Damn it. Have one of those days where things just don't go as planned? Not a bad day, just way off schedule and agenda. I knew I had things to do and had the jour pretty well mapped out, but as you know the best laid plans of mice and men...

Needless to say, my run did not happen. I am not counting it as a loss. I'm counting it as a shift. Just do the run on Sunday. No big deal. Can still get my six days in.

Not to say there wasn't plenty of sweat yesterday. It was a full day! We had a friend come and unexpectedly spend the morning with us. Good kid. Six. Lot's of energy. After lunch we had music practice at the church. That ran way longer than anticipated. Then little bear fell asleep in the car. I knew he really needed that, so I ran a couple of car errands until it was time to go to our happy hour playdate - which was awesome! Like I said, not a bad day, just little wrenches that threw the schedule off.

I will say, I hate that I missed my run. It feels pretty yicky. I'm embarrassed. I'm disappointed. Feels like I really let myself down. Trying to turn it around. Trying to be Pollyanna positive, but it does kinda suck. Certainly not something I want to make a habit of. Blech. Think I let the excuse monster win a day. Not cool. Really not cool.

On the food front, I'm a bit more proud. I used great restraint in a very tempting situation. Breakfast was usual; cereal. Lunch was a salad. Dinner was where I faced the delicious demons. Cheese, oh glorious cheese! At the happy hour playdate there was the most lovely spread of yummies. Yes, I did partake, but I held back like a mofo. There were five, I believe, kinds of cheeses. Of those five I had two crackers each of three of them and one cracker each of two. I had one chip with the artichoke dip, one chip with the guacamole, one slice of salami, a handful of grapes, a few carrots, zero pieces of pizza, two glasses of red wine, one bottle of fizzy water and a half a glass of this groovy French sparkly cider. This is a victory.  If you knew how much I love cheese, you would be giving me a standing ovation right about now. The excuse monster did not win this battle!

The happy hour playdate was fabulous. Really great kids, really great grownups. They were all smart and funny and no drama. Didn't feel like anyone was trying to one up. Just a cool group o' folk, sitting around chatting. Now that is my kind of evening.

In some aspects my day went to eleven. In some, not so much... Good thing the sun doesn't go down, it's just an illusion caused by the world spinning round.

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