Monday, July 30, 2012

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So I learned today I am not a big fan of wrenches. Not the tool kind, the "in the system" kind. Day started with a run. It was going well, my pace was good, I had some energy, things were going swimmingly. Then I decided to change it up and headed out of the park and into the neighborhood. That's when the spiral started spinning - heading more and more into the out of control zone. I miscalculated my route and got stuck trying to cross a street by a large, and I mean very large and very loud group of motorcycle enthusiasts riding down Lowell. I wound up really screwing up my pace and came in .08 miles off my distance. Not a real big deal, but was kind of an omen for the rest of the day.

When I got home, things were fine. The boys were up and enjoying themselves. I made coffee. Shawn made breakfast. Ok. A little later on I decided to take Pax and Huxley (our doggie) on a nature walk around the block. Spiral in full gear. About midway through, Pax and I got stung by a bee. Pax twice, one behind the knee and one right between his eyes. I got stung in the hand. I am allergic to wasps and therefor it has been assumed I am allergic to bees as well. We had no idea whether or not Pax inherited that trait. I screamed, grabbed him and started running home. I was crying, Pax was crying, poor Huxley was confused. It was a scene. Got home and yelled for Shawn. We decided to get to an urgent center immediately - just in case. We called our pediatrician and sat in the parking lot of the urgent center watching for signs of anaphylactic shock. After about 40 minutes, we knew we were out of the major danger zone, but not completely out of the woods. We left and went to a drug store to get some baby Benadryl. The window of bee allergy is 20 minutes for serious allergy, 2 hours for minor allergy. It looks like our baby isn't allergic - thank goodness. He's doing fine. His face is swollen, but going down and not in pain. Breathing.

Me? Well, one of the reactions I get with this stuff is called an exaggerated response. It usually takes about 24 hours for the response to kick in. And it is kicking in. My hand keeps swelling and the swelling spreads. It also itches and burns rather extensively, and that spreads too. The last time I got stung, I developed a staff infection and was hooked to an IV for two days. Let's hope and pray that doesn't happen this time. I'm trying to stay calm and not aggravate it too much with activity. Yep. Activity restricted. No workout. That sucks giant ones. I'm gonna try to do something. I can't let this stop me completely. I'm hoping I can go for a good walk. A fast pace sort of jaunt that can count, but not get me too worked up. A bike ride is out. Running is out. SS is out. The main goal is to keep the spreading to a minimum. An elevated heart rate makes the blood pump faster and can cause the poison to travel farther. Any suggestions?

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