Saturday, July 21, 2012

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With the craziness of yesterday, I took the day off. I made it a day of reflection and love. It was not an excuse. It was a choice. Restraint was present in my food choices, but I did not go out into the world. I stayed home and played with my son.

That said, I will go back to Thursday. Thursday was a good day. A very good day. Pax and I got our Stroller Stride on. It was a fabulous class with Melissa. Solid workout. Tons of sweat.

Towards the end of class I had a little personal moment that put a bit of a lump in my throat. We were challenged to sprint up a hill. I was pushing the double with Pax and Substantial Anna. About halfway up I started thinking about that hill. That hill in particular. When I first started going to Stroller Strides that hill was the bane of my existence. I couldn't run up that hill. I would start running but always pooped out and had to walk the rest of the way. I thought about the first time I ran the whole hill. It was such a victory for me. I remember celebrating with Sarah and how big and proud the smile was on her face. It was at that moment I knew I could be a better me. I knew that my age was not the obstacle in my way, giving up was. I can do anything I work hard enough for. So as I sprinted up that hill with two kids in my wagon, I saw Sarah's smile in my mind. I felt proud and celebrated with myself for a brief moment. It was a victory. Not only can I do this, I am doing this!

After class we played for quite a while. Mostly on the playground, but Pax and I had a special fun time under some pine trees in the field. We pretended we were looking for raccoons. Then we were raccoons, and frogs, and bunny rabbits, and birdies. We crawled and chased and giggled. We had fun. Another one of those moments I'd trade a million dollars to go back to one day.

Next on our agenda was a little treat for mommy. Daddy and I had a date night planned, so I wanted to maybe get a little top or skirt or something to make me feel pretty. Off to Kohl's! Going through the racks I I took two sizes in everything I picked out - 8 & 10, M & L. I've been wearing 10 & L, but I thought I would at least see how close I was to 8 & M. Well, I wasn't close... I was right on the money!!! Yes!!! I dropped a size!!!! And let me tell you, I wasn't squeezing into the 8's. The M's weren't snug. They fit. They fit well. Not one suck in to snap!!! They fit!!!! In three weeks I have dropped a size!!! Booyeah bitches!!! On that high note I bought two skorts, one top and a necklace!!! I deserve it!

That evening, I looked cute! New outfit, hair done, makeup on, 3" wedge sandals. Workin it! I went to pick up Shawn and we headed out to Red Rocks for some Tenacious D!! Hell yeah!! (insert the sound of chirping crickets here and the image of an empty parking lot) We were there on the wrong night. Yeah... a whole week early. OK, no problem. We had a good laugh and decided to go see a movie. Wasn't gonna waste all that cuteness on the couch! We stopped at Noodles & Co for a quick bite and then went to the Century 16 in BelMar. We saw Spiderman in 3D. It was incredible. Way better than either of us expected. We loved it. On our way out we saw everyone in line for the midnight show of Dark Knight Rises. If we hadn't had a friend watching Pax at home, we would have stayed to see it. Everyone looked so excited to be there. There was such a cool energy. But we went home and all those people in line had a great time watching a cool movie, none of us aware of what was happening in a parallel universe of sorts just a few miles away. Maybe that is why I was so effected yesterday. I know we all were. I just kept thinking of those happy, excited faces in line. I'm sure they were the same  smiles and expressions on the faces in Aurora....

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