Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Page Two

Well that bitchy excuse monster keeps rearing her ugly mug just daring me not to succeed. To her I say a big giant bbbbbllllllltttttttthhhhhhzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!

I like to do my runs in the evening - around 6:00, so this gives a full day of either talking myself into or out of a run. Today the conversation was really positive... right up until time to take off. Oi vey!

First came the telephone chat trying to determine if I would be running solo or not. Or not was how it wound  up. Ok. Time to get dressed for sweat. I went to put on my good jog bra and... Argh!! it's still in the dryer and not even remotely dry right beside good jog bra number two. Mind you I only have two. So scrambling about for a solution I came across two old and kind of crappy jog bras. I put both of the buggers on and voila! We have lift off! Well... actually... not really lift off... more like lock down. Anyway, put on the shoes realizing I had on two different socks. Screw it. Not taking the time to find the match. Just gonna run lopsided. Went outside to load up the jogging stroller and dagnabbit, the tire is still flat. Wokay, double stroller to the rescue! And we're off to Sloan's lake!

As I pull out of the driveway, I'm faced with some rather dark, ominous looking clouds on the prowl. They have thunderstorm written all over them. Determined to do this, I focus on the road and keep going. Trying to ignore the little plink plank of raindrops on the windshield I forge on. Weather be damned, I am doing this! Pax fell asleep on the way and the transition to the stroller went smoothly. Things were looking up! Loaded my water bottle and keys in the wagon, cued up my killer Nike ap, plugged in my... are you freaking kidding me? I grabbed the wrong stupid ear buds! Cheese and rice! One of the buds is a staticy blown speaker. No worries, I'll just go one eared. Let's do this thing!

Started well. Nice pace. Rain stopped. Good tune to get me going. Not too far in, I could tell it had been a couple of weeks since I got a run in. Mile one was slow, but ok. Mile two my feet felt like bricks. Thank baby jeebus for good ole Re Re (that's Aretha Franklin to we who adore her) She pulled me to the end of mile two. Miss Etta James got me the rest of the way home and Beck's Sexx Laws pushed my victory sprint up the hill. All one eared and all glorious! How did people ever run before itunes?

The munching was ok today. Not great. Not horrible. Greek yogurt and granola for breakfast. Left over stir fry for lunch. A total of 4 whole grain pita chips with spinach artichoke humus for snack and I'm baking some chicken for dinner. Water all day with the exception of one glass of lite white grape juice.  

Wondering about tomorrow... 4th of July... could be trouble...

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  1. Great job sticking with it! It's easy to choose not to go when things go awry!