Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Page one

Everytime my husband reads a story to Pax he always starts it off by reading the title, opening the book and saying, "Page one". I just love that!! We're going to start this journey off the same way..

Page one...
Well I was hit in the face with every chance at excuse. Pax gave me the most unusual wake up call at 5:30 AM. So excuse number one - sleep deprivation. While I was helping Shawn get his day started, the dreaded laundry monster reared it's ugly head. Excuse number two - I have too much to do. By the time I got S-man off to work, it was fast approaching 9:00 and neither Pax nor I were dressed. Excuse number three - runnng late, won't make it in time. Got us dressed. Got the water bottles filled. Grabbed the sunscreen and my keys. Ran out the door and saw the wheel on my jogging stroller was flat. Excuse number four - can't jog with a flat jogging tire. Went to air up the tire and the air compressor wasn't charged. Dead battery = no inflating of said tire. Excuse number five - this is getting ridiculous! said screw it, grabbed the double jogging stroller, threw it in the car, buckled Pax in his seat and headed off to Stroller Strides.

We made it... aahhh....

Got a great ass kicking. We did more resistance/strength training than cardio today - which was great considering how hot it's been. (Excuse number six - the bloody heat) Lots of adductor/abductor stuff with some great tricep hoo ha. Felt awesome!!!

Afterwards we played on the playground and then went to walk my sweaty mess off at the Museum of Nature and Science with Pax and some pals. Good day!

Food glorious food for the day. Not bad. Breakfast was some greek yogurt and granola with a big ole cup of coffee. Lunch was a salad at Chipootle - chicken, lettuce, corn slasa, dressing, no cheese, no sour cream or guac, with a bottle of water. After museum snack - cantaloupe. Dinner - Stir fry. Onions, squash, zuccini, broccoli and chicken tossed with an orange, soy, ginger, citrus sauce over white rice with a glass of water.

I feel great. Great start! Best part - no excuses! I kicked each and every one! Take that you freaking freak freaks! Yeah!!

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