Saturday, July 14, 2012

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Well aright then. Back at it, sort of full force. Got up, got the boys dressed, fed and/or coffeed, got myself laced up, water bottles filled, ghetto wagon out of the car, double stroller into the car and off we went to Stroller Strides. It was an Amanda class, so I figured the pace was going to be extreme. I was right. Sweat sweat sweat sweat sweat sweat sweat. No breaks, no reprieves. It would have been great on a normal day. I don't know what the damage was, but my energy level was off. I hung in there, but my reps weren't nearly as fast and furious as they have been. I even took pauses. Don't know if it was the 2 glasses of wine from the night before. Don't know if it was the unusual humidity we've been experiencing. Just don't know. I really want to beat myself up, but that is so counterproductive. It serves no purpose. So I won't. I will celebrate the simple fact that I made it. I made it to and through class. I stayed on course and showed up. That is a victory. I won't say I feel great, but I will say I feel good. Okay. I'll take that.

We had a really full day. Pax and I zoomed from SS to a big play date with the preschool he will be starting in a couple of months. It was fun. Lots and lots of swinging, so my arms got a little more of a workout- heh heh! It was a nice time. Sweet kids, lovely moms, good combo. Afterwards we went with one of the kiddos, Arthur, and his mom and baby sister to get some frozen yogurt. Once hyped up on that it was back home for some serious play!! Chase was the game of the day! Weee!!! All around the backyard approximately 463 million times!!!! As tired as I was, I couldn't say no. He's gonna want me to play with him for about this long (---------) and then it'll be, "Hey mom, I'm going with the guys. See ya later" So I chased. It was one of the brightly sunny days that I would give a million dollars to go back to when I'm at the end of my life. So I chased. A fleeting moment that probably means more to me than he'll remember. But I hope he at least remembers his mom loved him so much, she got on the ground and played, played hard. So I chase. I chase this goal so I can keep playing.

I've really got to get a hold of the food. I keep saying that and maybe one day I'll actually hear myself saying that. Breakfast; cereal and coffee. Lunch was a non fat frozen yogurt with almonds, strawberries and kiwi. Second lunch was a piece of left over chicken. Snack was some carrots and tomatoes from the garden. Dinner was sausage and peppers on a roll, like back in Staten Island. Drank nothing but water. Yeah, I know....

Had a big reward yesterday!!! My husband was home after work and we were all in the front yard having a good time. He came over to me, wrapped his arms around me, gave me a kiss and said, "It's really working. I can really see a difference." That was worth every drop of sweat, right there.

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