Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Page 50-ish ???

One, two, skip a few, 50!

Did you ever do that as a kid plating hide and go seek or some other game like that? I did, and I'm cashing that trick in again. August was a funky month. A lot of ying and yang. Ups and downs in the same day, much less week or month. Cray-cray!

As most of you know, I got pretty sick. But I also scored a killer job and had a fabulous run of Scriprov. Last week I flew to Texas. It was great seeing my family and some friends, but I also said goodbye to one of my most favorite people on the planet, one of the greatest men I have ever known, my Uncle John. See? Ying yang.

Yesterday was my big back in the saddle moment. I was back in CO, got up, got my shoes on and had a great Stroller Strides workout with my girls. I felt incredible! 4 by 44 was back in full swing! Then I got a phone call. Uncle John went on to greener pastures that morning.

It was a tough day.

I tried staying active to keep my mind from entering dark spots. I hugged Pax. A lot. I cried. I talked to my mom. We cried. I looked for comfort in all the wrong places after that; tiramisu, a chocolate bar, Pirate Booty, 2 Malibu Bay Breezes.

It was a tough day.

Tomorrow we start over.

Till then, here's a picture that I also found some comfort in. He was a great man. He was more than an uncle, he was a second father. As sad as I am, I am happy for him. He is where he always wanted to be, and he is with his daughter Stephanie again. It was a happy day in heaven.

Love and respect you Uncle John... till we meet again...

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