Friday, August 10, 2012

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Ok, so I understand why fictional monsters often have two heads. Real life monsters do! I was attacked by the two headed working mommy beast all day yesterday!

The job was incredible! We have round two today. It was incomprehensibly exciting to be back in my professional saddle. Talk about fitting in. It is truly the first time I really fit in, in years. Hand meet glove. My opinions mattered. My thoughts counted. What a sensation! Plus, it was fun! I mean real fun! I got to laugh and play grown up games (ok, so they slightly resembled some kid games). People were smart and funny and completely "on". It was incredible! The place was cool, the set up was cool (technically hot, since we were outside), the concept was cool, everything was freaking cool! And I got a workout!!! I was up on my feet running around in 4 inch wedges all day. Bouncing around, expelling a ton of energy. Cardio! I loved it! I was a mess by the end of day, but what a glorious mess. Hair flat and stringy, makeup completely worn off, clothes wrinkled and dirty, sweat beads dripping little balls of wet stank. Heavenly. During the debrief I felt like an equal, like a peer. I had done my job and done it well. I was proud. I felt good. Except... except this little gnawing at the base of my neck.

The whole day, I mean the whole day my mind would wander to my little guy. How was he. What was he doing. Did he miss me. How long till I see him. It's hard being without my little buddy. He is always with me. He goes where I go. Everywhere. Except here. There was such an empty spot. I wanted to hear his laugh all day long. Big ole crack in my heart. Every chance I got I looked at my phone to see if there was anything about him. Text. Picture. Email. Nothin. Glad I had plenty of pics to look at. That smile always brings me back to one.

After the casting I went and grabbed my guy and then headed back downtown for a Scriprov rehearsal. It was so good! I love the gentleman I am doing the scene with. What a pro! What a sweetheart! We worked our tails off. Got a lot done! It was great! There is a funny little something here though. Gotta share. At one point in the script, the character Greg sort of scolds me and gives me a little smack on the backside. I yelp and say ouch and all that. Every time we do that in front of Pax, he looses his mind! He starts yelling, "NO! That's my mommy! Stop it! No!" He gets so upset. He's my little protector. We had to change it a little so we can rehearse in front of him. It's so sweet. He doesn't want anyone to yell at me. Oh how I love him. My cockles are very warm.

After that I went to Target. Pax fell asleep and I carried him around the store while pushing the cart. This counts for an upper body workout. Strength training.

Got home and had a final fitting of my costume for Friday's Scriprov. It looks fabulous! It's a keeper! Then Shawn came home and we had a lovely evening. We decided to celebrate a wee bit and went to Ernie's for a pizza. Yum.

A little tv and then off to bed. It was quite a day. :o)

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