Monday, August 6, 2012

Page 35

Things are getting better. The doc gave me a different dosage of the meds. It's been an interesting reaction. The good news is, I'm healing much, much quicker. The meh news is I feel so bizarre. I'm certainly not ravenous this time around. I'm more nauseous. Ok. I'm very dizzy and loopy and even passed out at one point. Shawn has been great. He's taking really good care of me and our little fella. Even bought a birthday present for Pax's friend and took him to the party for me. I've done a lot of resting. I think that is helping too. As heart broken as I am not participating in this weekend's run of Scriprov, I am thankful for the time to get better and the lack of stress. Stress usually exasperates the EM to major degrees. So this is good. I have a rehearsal on Monday. The way it looks right now, I will be there. My last round of meds is Tuesday. I may be back in full swing by Wednesday. This could be one of the shortest bouts in my history. Oh, thank goodness...

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