Monday, August 13, 2012

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Day of rest and time to hit the reset button.

Face was swollen again. I felt like shit. I forged on. Woke up before the boys, ran to the store and got groceries for the day. Made a nice big breakfast.

Afterwards, we all decided we needed to hit the reset button. It had been a long week. Tough in some ways. Good in others. We all needed to reconnect with each other and our spirits. Head up and out. We packed up Lenny Skywalker (our 4 Runner) and trucked it west. We found ourselves on top of the world at Guenella Pass. We explored. We savored. No rush. No agenda. If we saw something we wanted to stop and see, we did. We discovered little treasures we might have missed. We shared little moments busier days would skip right by; peaches, giggles, chick monks (what Pax calls chipmunks), beautiful skies, enchanting spots, little streams, big rocks, peaceful quiet, friendly strangers, funny phrases.

The whole day I had the same expression on my face - this happy contended little grin. Not a big excited smile, just a perfectly happy little grin. My senses were completely satiated - cool air on my sore skin, breathtaking views filling my field of vision, listening to the wind and bird songs flying from pine tree to pine tree, kissing in the sweetness of my little bear's cheek, the perfumes of nature in abundance. Aaahhhhh... life truly is grand.

It's stuff like this, this spontaneous adventure that make everything, everything worth while. Moving here was the greatest, happiest accident of my life. Colorado is one big, giant reset button.

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