Thursday, August 16, 2012

Catch up time

Hey gang

So the EM came back and took me out. Another doc visit, more meds and some much needed rest, I am on the mend. Still no exercise. Still keeping food in check. It's been harder this round. The med is making me hungry as opposed to nauseous. Yuck. Doing my best.

Today I fly to Texas. Gonna spend the week with my family and attend my high school Theatre class reunion. Should be great! I'm all set for starting my workouts tomorrow morning. I have all my gear, a two mile run mapped out and I downloaded a new app called Sworkit. It's pretty cool. You tell it what you want to work on (upper, lower, full, cardio) and for how long and then it spits out this whole plan for you. Can't wait to try it! I'll let ya know how it goes.

The only thing is, I will not have my puter with me on this trip. No bloggin it out. I'll try to get in sometime, somehow, but it may be tricky. I am going to try and write it all long hand. You know, with a pen and paper. Right? How very retro of me.

I'm excited to get back on track. I'm excited to have my life in my own hands again. I'm excited to finish what I started and reach my goal! I can do it! 4 by 44 bitches!!!!!

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