Tuesday, August 7, 2012

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Life, she is a funny little bugger sometimes.

Here are some updates... my EM is getting better every day. My last dose of meds is Tuesday and for that I am so eternally grateful! It is shocking to see it work so fast, but it took a tole on me. It's ok, I'm bouncing back and should be 100% by the end of the week. Deep breath in.... deep breath out..... ahhhh. There is light at the end of this proverbial tunnel!

While my workouts have had to be in the nil category, my eating has been in check. Mostly due to the nausea, but hey I'll takes what I can gets! Oddly enough right now, I'd rather feel pukey than feel like I want to eat the couch and everything else around me.

Some bonuses have come my way and I am celebrating every little victory.

One, I had a rehearsal for Scriprov last night. While it wasn't a great rehearsal, great things came from it. Saw exactly where and what needs tweaking. Planned some more rehearsals. Got some ideas. Worked some kinks. Plus I got to be in the company of incredible, talented people that I adore.

Two, Curiosity landing on Mars! That was amazing! It was a thrill to actually see us as a nation boldly go! My husband Shawn was giddy with excitement. I adored sharing that moment with him - snuggled on the couch in front of a lap top and an ipad for backup. We had the footage at NASA and the simulator going. So geekaliciously cool! To the young ladies of this world, heed my advice! Go ahead and date the jock, but always always marry the geek!!!!

Three, I have been hired to do a very exciting job this week! I am casting a commercial spot for a Get Out the Vote campaign here in CO. I'm working with some of my most favorite people on the planet!!! I adore, I mean ADORE the director, producer and production company!!! I so miss being a part of that world. It's nice to be in the mix again. Now, don't get me wrong I would never trade anything for mommyhood, but it's nice to be needed in a grown up sort of way. I do hope that when the time comes to return to the workforce full time I find something that fills my heart and spirit. It would be nice to be back in my field, but whatever it is, wherever I go I hope I feel as fabulous as I do when I'm working with talent.

Four, I have a little high school theatre reunion coming up next week and this time I get to go!!! Weeee!!! I have my plane ticket and am headed to Texas next Thursday! I'm gonna miss the snot boogers out of Shawn, and I know Pax is gonna be all sorts of not happy being without his daddy, but it will be so lovely to spend time with my mommy. I miss her. She is a remarkable woman and the greatest granny a kid could ever ask for. Pax is gonna love being with her!!!

Five, packing for said trip won't be nearly as heart breaking as it would have been a month ago. I threw on a pair of shorts today that I couldn't take on a trip back in June. Not only did they fit, but they fit just right. No pinching, no bulging, no squeezing. Just a zip and a snap and all was good to go! What a lovely feeling.

This theme of fitting in is hopefully headed in the right direction. I'm starting to fit into my clothes and starting to feel like I fit into my life. Positive horizons ahead.

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