Monday, August 13, 2012

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So you know that whole trend of re-purposing stuff? Well I got a good one for you. All you breastfeeding mommies - keep your booby pads! Not the disposable catch your milk leak pads, the ones you keep in the freezer to soothe your aching hooter pads. They make for great face/eye swelling reducers!

You know I woke up Saturday morning looking like a marshmallow, well I spent the whole day trying to remedy that with Preparation H and booby pads. It worked pretty well! It wasn't 100%, but enough to survive my show without looking too much like Joseph Merrick. I'm gonna swear by this anytime I get a little puffy!

The show went well. Great, in fact. It was a packed house and the audience really seemed to have a great time. I was blown away by my girlfriends all coming and cheering me on. Yep, my heart cockles were sufficiently warmed. A major bonus for me was laying Sylvia. I always wanted to take on that role, but it became even sweeter after the passing of my baby girl in May. This one was for you, my little princess on the pillow. Penelope Mae Westie; May 29, 2003 - May 11 2012

Still haven't been able to workout. I was so set to do my run, dammit. It is breaking my heart and cracking my spirit, but I am not giving up. I will meet my goal! I will stay on track! This is but a mere bump in my road. This will not take me down. This will not stop me. I can and will do this. Chin up and carry on! My short term goal is to be full swing by Monday. Let's do this!

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