Monday, June 1, 2015

Scatmandu - The Poop Page

So, as I mentioned in my earlier post, we called this adventure Scatmandu because we found such a huge variety of scat, tracks and signs. I'm posting all the pics and will be updating as they are identified. There was a ton, I mean a ton of deer and elk scat on our campsite. I am not posting those as they are so common and I think we're all familiar with those little pellets. Otherwise, here we go! If you recognize something, please let me know so we can label it accordingly. Thanks!

Bring on the poop!!!

wow!!! we think this is bear!!!

 Clump of deer or elk scat - needs to drink more water, I think

 I think this is chipmunk

 I think these are deer marks from chewing the bark

 Woodpecker holes


possibly badger

 Big Foot track ;o)


maybe marmot

maybe coyote

possibly fox

 Rare Pax-otomus spotting

we think this may be skunk


Not sure who or what has been going to town on this tree!

 It was almond shaped, perhaps porcupine

 Deer track


our guess is fox

Badger hole, we believe

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