Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Frog Family Friends Camping Extravaganza Part 3 - The Fond Farewell

The last morning came too soon. We unfortunately didn't get to share with The Shumakers as they left in a "Panic" - a Wide Spread Panic, that is. They were up and out early to make it to their next adventure at Red Rocks.

Those remaining enjoyed some yummy goodness provided by the Kellers. I stuffed myself on bacon. Afterwards we all packed up and prepared to head out. We said goodbye to The Daniels and the three final families headed over to have one last hurrah on the beach. I'm so glad we did. There were some very creative motes built and Emma met a wonderful gentleman who shared his fishing line with her. I think she caught 3 or 4! P Bear and daddy built a whole village of caves for some plastic dinosaurs and I soaked up some Kate & Debbie time.

We finally all bid each other adieu and headed out - only to have one more adventure on some rocks as we made our way back to the cars. Our little tribe buckled in, rolled down the windows and gave our Squatch calls to the forest as we drove away. It's our way of saying thank you to the big foots for sharing their home with us. Aaaaaahoooooooooo!!!!!!!!

Till next time...

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