Monday, June 29, 2015

Frog Family Friends Camping Extravaganza Part 1

I'm taking a small break from the Yellowstone posts to bring you the Frog Family Friends Camping Extravaganza that happened this weekend in Turquoise Lake. There were a few firsts and a ton of fun - our family's first group camping experience, Lucky dog's first romp in the water and the Daniel's family first camping trip!

We got to the site before everyone else, set up camp and took a little explorative walk around. The Daniels came next, followed by the Shumakers, Nichols and finally Kellers. Erin & Hunter made a delicious Fiesta dinner complete with margaritas and then we all trekked over to the lake to play and watch the sun go down.

Afterwards there was campfire fun - mostly had by the grown ups who stayed up way past bedtime laughing and chatting. These families have been together for the past three years, but this night was when we really got to know each other - and more so, really like each other. I think Shawn and I had way more fun than we ever anticipated. It! Was! Awesome! I can not express enough how much these kids and their grownups mean to us. We simply love them all. These are our friends. They will always be our friends. We will absolutely make sure of that. Hooray for new annual traditions!! Hooray for little humans who bring big humans together!!! Hooray for family friends!!!

Of course I took too many pics, so I'll break the posts up. Here is day one - the arrival.

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