Monday, June 1, 2015

Mueller Day 2

Day two: we woke up to sunshine! Hosah!!

After a delicious breakfast, we headed out to explore some of the groovy things nearby. In particular, the Dinosaur Resource Museum and Florissant Fossil Beds. Pax was so excited to go to the museum I thought he was gonna poop a kitten. He ran to the first dino he saw and didn't stop till it was time to go. The first creature he wanted to see was archaeopteryx and archaeopteryx he saw! One of the nice fellas who worked there made sure to show him exactly where it was. Thanks nice fella!! It was a great way to start an awesome adventure.

Once we exhausted all we could at the museum, we partook in some grub at a local haunt called The Hungry Bear Cafe. Not what one would call fine cuisine, but everyone was super nice and we had a good time.

Next up was Florissant Fossil Beds. It's pretty darn awesome! We chose a small hike, as we could see some weather rolling in. I loved the petrified red wood trees, P loved the badger hole we discovered and we all loved giggling at daddy trying to catch hail in his mouth and getting bonked in the eye. Elements be damned! We're explorers!! Rain, hail & snow, we'll still be on the go!

The bestest thing about day 2 was Pax earning his first Junior Ranger badge. He took the oath very seriously and then learned how to salute back at our campsite. If you don't know about the Junior Ranger program, get to know it! It's pretty great. Learn more here.

Here's our little Junior Ranger in action

And of course on Day Two there were campfires, wandering about, hot dogs and marshmallows!! 
Stay happy!

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