Monday, June 1, 2015

Mueller Day 3 Part 1

Day three was magic. It started out with P and I taking a little wander around our private forest. During our expedition P discovered two shiny, little green beads in the moss. They were tiny and special looking. We decided they were left for him by the Leaf Men - small, hummingbird riding warriors who protect the Fairy Queen. They left them as a message for the Forest Prince, Pax. This was their way of welcoming him in their woodland home. In addition, they left him a very small, perfectly white rock. These were the big treasures of the day and now have a very special place in his bedroom.

After sharing our find with daddy, we headed off on one of two hiking adventures. It too started magically with a spotting of wild turkeys! They ran gobbling across the meadow until they disappeared into a clutch of trees.  It was a fantastic wild find and set the tone for the remainder of our day.

On the trail we made many exciting discoveries; two Big Foot tracks (insert wink here), hairy moss and an S tree along with countless varieties of scat (which I will share in their own post). At the top of our trail there was an expansive lookout where we met a red tailed hawk, chipmunk and woodpecker. The views were as magnificent as the jagged rocks we climbed to reach our looking spots. We touched the tree of luck and had a snack at the top of the world as we listened to the woodpecker drill for his buggy lunch. It was a hard place to leave, but we knew we had another adventure ahead. So back down the hill we went - minds full, hearts expectant of more fun and feet rambling over and under rocks and logs.

    Big Foot Track

    Triceratops Trunk

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