Monday, June 29, 2015

Frog Family Friends Camping Extravaganza Part 2 Section A - PreLunch

The next morning Kate & Steven made a yummy breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. After bellies were good and full, everyone hiked to the lake while Daddy, P Bear and I hauled the canoe to the boat dock and paddled to our cove.

There was a lot of playing in the sand, water blaster battles, sunscreen, motes, canals, canyons and giggles. The grown ups enjoyed shade and sun and each other's company along with some very simple relaxation. Daddy & Steven decided to have an adventure of their own and paddled away on the canoe to explore.

Eventually the dads came back and tummies started to rumble again, so Stephanie & Rod spread out a sandwich smorgasbord like no other. We ate like kings and then headed back to the beach. Daddy and I took a some of the kiddos out on the canoe, but then the wind picked up and we had to cut a couple of go arounds short due to choppy water. Eventually it died back down and not only did the kiddos get to enjoy, but so did Kate & Debbie!

One of the best moments was when Lucky dog got to romp in the water off leash for the first time. He was a pure expression of happiness.

As the sun made it's way across the sky, daddy and I paddled the canoe back over to the boat dock while P Bear continued to play with his pals. When we met back up at the campground, my most favorite moment happened - an impromptu and completely kid driven game of Hide n' Seek happened in the woods near the Keler's tent site. It was the best. These kids had full range and took full advantage. I've never heard "Ready or not here I come!" sound as adorable as when little Hank shouted it across the picnic table into the forest playground. At one point P Bear found a tree to scratch his back on while he sang "Bear Necessities" and my heart flat out melted from the cuteness.

That evening Daddy and I made spaghetti and meatballs with salad and dutch oven peach cobbler. I think it was yummy. Daddy had brought a big bottle of Colorado Moonshine to share, and so we all did. It was a fun little lip burner. Stephanie had the best reaction and then her man Rod showed us all how it's really done!

Afterwards there were s'mores and campfire and a few early bedtimes for kids. P took a wind down walk with Daddy and brought me some pretty wildflowers. Then everyone at the campfire shared story of the day before P Bear's bedtime. He feel asleep fast and hard after only one chapter of his Cubby book.

We came back out to share the last few hours with friends and fire. What an great day. Could not have been better. Well, except the mosquitos. We could have done without the mosquitos.

These pics are Part 2 Section A - PreLunch

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