Monday, June 1, 2015

Mueller Day 3 Part 2

After a quick lunch, the adventure continued with a hike to find Lost Pond. The Pond was pretty interesting as we listened to a chorus of frogs chirping and croacking in the warm sunlight. It was green. Vibrant, almost toxic looking, surrealistic green. But the most intriguing thing was the set of bear tracks in a patch of snow next to the pond. Even as incredible as that find was, it wasn't the most incredible find on our journey.

This hike to us to places we could only read about in bed time story books. It took us to the tops of rocks and deep into a magic, moist woodland world where moss hung from trees and tiny waterfalls babbled in the twigs and natural springs formed beneath rocks. This is where the Fairy Queen lives. This is where the Leaf Men welcomed us to. It was a place that could only be left by climbing never ending steep, steep hills. Hill after hill after hill. The reward of climbing was a rest at the top where we played "Cheetah in the Tall Thin Grass" before heading back to camp.

Once at the campsite, some of our fuzzy friends came out to play in the woods; mouse, bear and beaver. Bear helped keep the white rabbits at bay around the camp fire. I think we all had fantastical dreams that night.

                      Dead Tree Log Hotel where countless creatures thrive

                      Beetle Trails

                      Paper Towel Telescope

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