Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Page 52

I lost another week. Ok. I have a few of choices here. Beat myself up, quit, color everything rosy and pretend all is well, or learn from my mistakes and move forward. I choose the latter.

The one thing I have to remember, I have to stay focused on - this is not just a short term goal. This is a life change. So I'm changing my life again today and will continue to change it every day, whether I do right or wrong. I'm not having a "do over" I'm having a "move forward". Today will just be better than yesterday. Tomorrow will be better than that.

I had some big bumps in my road. The key is to stay on the road. I can sit on the side of it for a spell. I can fall in the middle of it. I can also run the length of it. I can face the road head on and take each step as it comes. Fast, slow, somewhere in between, I just have to keep going. Do. Not. Quit.

So hello today. I'm looking you in the eye. I will do this. I will succeed. I will own my life. I will own my body and my mind. Things may alter. Things will change. There will be yings and yangs. There will be ebbs and flows. But I will keep going. I will. I am.

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